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    Weird clunking noise from front suspension

    Every bump i go over...the car clunks like hell and is getting worse! Im no mechanic...but on checking, i noticed that this black metal arm, slides up and down over the black rubber it supposed to slide up and down? Or is that the issue!? Pics etc attached...please please help!!l
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    Serious knocking noise from front suspension

    Hi everyone...I wanted to put a video on here to show everyone what I meant, but didn't know how to upload it!? But heres a photo. Ive been hearing a metallic clunkjng, gradually getting louder/worser over last month or so, each time I go over holes or bumps. Ive noticed that I can move this...
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    Hi again...firstly, Id like to sincerely thank John d for the reply and the 2 potential radio codes foe the Micra 2006 that I recently purchased!! Unfortunately, no matter what I do, it SIMPLY WILL NOT ACCEPT ANT CODES, NOR DOES ANYTHING HAPPEN, NO MATTER WHICH BUTTONS I PRESS, NOTHING AT ALL...