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    K11/ Almera rear calipers

    As the title says, carriers needed too. PM please. Sent from my HTC Wildfire using Tapatalk
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    Black ST restoration blog

    First ST and my first blog but certainly not my first Micra, Not expecting an easy build with this car, Ed stripped the engine bay and some of the interior around 2 years ago then another project and commitments took priority. Wiring was a little mess with lots of wires for amps, speakers etc...
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    Hey guys, please help with my mods gone wrong.....(Joke)

    Hey guys, I've got a 98 1.3. I've had a exhaust manifold and chip for a while and wanted to get more performance. I was recommended to port and polish the intake and exhaust. We found out they used abrasive material to do it like gritty sand. So I got with my friend that tunes Hondas and we...
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    Greddy declares bankruptcy, no its not April!

    Oh no this could mess up a few plans.... Actually just in Japan it appears, there still running in America
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    These look odd???

    Curious question, these don't look like typical k11 rear springs but then it has been a while since i have had a k11. These look like they belong on a macphearson strut...
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    k11 X-reg coilpack 1.0 Flywheel

    Lighter than the standard 1.3 fly and uses the same clutch only done 22k miles, also got a new Excedy clutch all to be picked up from postcode da1. Offers??
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    Black pre facelift k11

    Looking for 1.0l prefer somewhere in the southeast.
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    1.2 k10 cam

    Gonna get my 1.2 cam reprofiled but would be nice to have a spare so i can keep her on the road........any one got one lying about?
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    Super Turbo

    Just spotted this on Ebay if all is genuine anyone interested!?
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    Nissan Figaro custom Strut brace

    Just bought thiss off of Ebay, dont even remember how or what i was searching but what a find Click Question is will it fit my k10 if so kiss my feet! "Aluminium - 0,65kg unbelievably light !!! polished - silver" If not can i make it fit¿¿
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    Increasing Engine compression??

    Looking to get the head skimmed on the 1.2 to increase that rediculous 9.0:1 compression ratio, can anyone tell me how much i could skim off before any interference with standard cams??
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    why oh why...

    .....doesnt the k11 manifold fit? the ports line up and so do the studs, the only problem i see is the alternator which can be moved to the back alternator bracket mounts.
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    My new car.

    Right ive returned to the dark side and gone and bought another K10 (not that anyone ever saw my first one!), its a 1.2 GS manual 1989 in Grey (dark silver) with just 88k miles. Front wings, bonnet and tailgate are slightly battered and the sunroof leaks but chassis and engine appear to be...
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    cg13 or cga3 engine

    After either a cg13 or cga3 engine, either one will do. Will exchange for money, since that makes sense. Please PM me if you can help
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    The smoking ban

    So has anyone actually been to a pub since the ban??? I think i one of the few smokers whos looking forward to drinking in a smoke free enviroment, its really gonna help me to quit smoking. :laugh:
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    Diff knock

    well it seams my diff is on the way out now, this has so far been confirmed by myself and 2 other mechanics to which i didnt tell them my thoughts before hand. Itsa lateface lift 1.0 on an x-reg with just 22000miles on the clock, never had any other problems before the car doesnt have its wheels...
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    Late face lift shims???

    After fitting the 1.3 fastroad cams that i just bought from Ollie it appears that the valve clearances were ranging from .75 to .85mm, didnt consider it a problem just measure up and get correct replacements from nissan easy........ although it apears i have the same style of shims as the cga...
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    Car names

    I searched but couldnt find a thread on what name you given your car if any, Meet Winkle Winckle
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    Gtr Forum down due to police raid!

    Yeah pretty much all in the title, my freind sent me the link this morning, no this isnt an April fools! (as far as im aware)
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    Cam cover.

    Right think this the right section, been busy today but managed to get this done. What do you think shall i rub the lettering down??