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    K12 buying guide

    Hey guys, Long time no speak! I don't know if any of you remember me, I used to have a K11, and then went on to buy a Yaris Tsport. Anyway, I'm looking to come back to the Micra fold (baby on the way, so need something with 5 doors) and quite fancy a K12. Really just looking for some buying...
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    Stolen Toyota Celica GT4 - Portsmouth

    Cross posted from UJCC........ Black GT4 reg M959 CTR stolen from Southsea/Portsmouth on Sunday. More details and contact information for the owner here.
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    K11 - loss of power

    Hiya, Someone on UJCC has a problem with their wife's Micra, and I said I'd ask on here about it, as you guys were all so knowledgeable when I had mine. :) Anyway, car is 1.0 W reg with 80k. The problem is Any ideas would be muchly appreciated.
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    Bloke crimbo pressie help please

    Hi, I need some help buying a Crimbo pressie for my o/h. I want to get him something for the car (Skyline), but I don'y know what. I've a budget of about £150-200. I can't ask on any other car forums, as he goes on most of the same ones as me. :wasntme: He already has Nismo carbon pillar...
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    Few more pics of the Yaris

    Well, I drove it properly for the first time today, I'm very impressed....what an awesome car. Would recommend one to anyone who's thinking about buying one. Got with with a full service & MOT, nearly new tyres and brand new front discs and pads. :love:
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    Loads of stuff - some FREE !!!

    Right, as the Micra is going in the next few days, I have some bits and pieces that I don't need anymore. On ebay, I have listed a n/s driveshaft for K11 (needs new inner CV joint) and some brake discs (which are for K10 I presume). Also selling and digital camera with 2gb memory card and a Sony...
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    New car

    New car - new pics As I said in Micra Man's Yaris t-sport thread, I've just put a deposit down on a new car.....the Micra is going on Thursday, all being well. My new car is a 51 plate t-sport...... I can't wait!!!! I'll be really sorry to see the Micra go's been such a great...
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    El cheapo seat covers

    Went to Lidls :blush: on Monday. They are selling lots of cheap car stuff this week. Got some seat covers for £8.99 and some cleaning bits. The seat covers aren't bad, I put mine in today. I haven't fitted them very well yet, it was just too hot outside, but they're in...
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    Sticky speedo

    Heeeey, My car's got another problem (yawn!), the speedo has started sticking. Has happened twice now, both times when it's been hot and the car has been sat in full sun. It goes up slower than the actual increase in speed (according to GPS speedo) and won't go back down to 0. This is fixed by...
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    Had a fight with a car wash :(

    My spolier is knackered. Yes, I know I should have washed it myself, just wish I'd used the jet wash rather than the lazy option. Think the hot weather melted the glue in the middle, and the brush lifted it off. I've filled in a claim form, but don't hold out much hope. Do you guys reckon it's...
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    Weird clunk

    Weird clunk - update Hey, it's me with my stupid noisy car again. The sooner I get a new one, the better. :blush: Anyway, I need a diagnosis. :down: CV joints are all fixed and fine now, but I'm get a clunk from under the car now. It feels and sounds like its coming from under my feet...
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    New car? Advice please

    Right, I'm thinking of getting a new car in the near future, and I know you guys are going to say "stick with a Micra", but I thought I'd ask anyway. :) Right, what I want is..... -small hatchback -Japanese -£5000 or less to buy -bit quicker than my K11, doesn't have to be mega fast though...
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    Castle Combe track day - August 7th

    I would like to invite MSC members to the UJCC TRACKDAY 2006. A chance to pit your car against the mighty Castle Combe race track - for the entire day . Usually a maximum of 8 cars on the track at a time - you can go out as often as you like (or as often as you can), and the whole track is...
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    Is this really that rare?

    Just browsing through the Autotrader and came across this. Who likes it? Presume it's a March rather than a Micra?
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    If you have a mobile with free minutes...

    ...but that charges a fortune for calling 0845 / 0870 numbers etc, then I'd suggest you keep this web page in your favourites - it lists the 'normal' landline numbers so you can get them on your free minutes ;) Shamelessly pinched from another forum, but I figured...
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    Driveshafts and CV joints

    Driveshafts and CV joints - updated question Couple of questions My CV boots / joints weren't put back in right, and even though they've been repacked with grease both sides, they're still clunking like a mofo. Do the inner CVs go as often as the outers, and is having the outers done likely...
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    Paid for MP3 downloads

    Does anyone use a paid for MP3 download service? If so, which one, how much, and is it any good? I was thinking of using Napster, but I don't like that fact that you can't listen to the songs anymore if you're no longer subscribed to Napster.
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    Another CV joint question

    Hiya, Had a CV joint and boot done on one side, and boot only on the other side about a week or so ago, and no car clunks like hell when cornering. It's only for the first few turns (like turning out of the drive and the end of the road) then it's ok. Possibly sounds more like it's coming from...
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    James....nice avatar

    Made me chuckle. :D If you made it yourself, what software did you use to animate the gif from the video????
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    Show us your pets.....

    I want to see your pets....... Here's Evo the bunny. He's my only pet.