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    FS: K11 OEM rear speakers

    BTW I assume these will fit a prefacelift? BG
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    FS: K11 OEM rear speakers

    I'm interested in these if still available. Was planning to fit my ovals in the side panels but knowing me I'll never get "a round tuit" :p BG
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    Boot release mechanism

    This will be the catch for the boot itself ;) BG
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    Just got my car back from the welders..

    That's good to know. Thanks :) BG
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    K10 alternators

    They ought to call it OCE (Outside Car Entertainment) :D That will be far louder than my home stereo system!! And THAT is powerful enough to shake the floors :p Or is that 1200W peak :rolleyes: BG
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    Someone tried breaking into my garage!

    That bollard looks too easy to defeat. There is a point which is far weaker than the padlock and would take seconds to cut through with suitable tools. Whatever you get needs to be carefully looked at before you buy. BG
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    Breaking K11 SR (Red)

    Is the parcel shelf w/speakers still available? Are you willing to post? Thanks BG
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    Just got my car back from the welders..

    My sills are in a state too ... not much strength left in the rear 12" or so each side, so I'd sooner cut them out and replace them. Any ideas on roughly what new sills would cost and where I could get them from (Leicestershire preferably but anywhere within a reasonable distance) - I'd probably...
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    the end of my micra days...

    O.o Just checking the date ... No, it's not the 1st of April !!! :( BG
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    new keys

    Some locksmiths (and hardware stores) will do them, but may have to order the blanks. It's always worth asking :) BG
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    Fuel economy and petrol light

    I've done around 70 miles (M1 north London to Watford Gap) on red, and there was still a bit left in the tank. The way to measure it is to see how much fuel you can get in when the light has just come on, if it's about 7 gallons (32 litres) you'll have just over 2 left (10 litres) when the...
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    Frozen locks

    Is it remote central locking? If so it could be the coin cell in the key fob. If it's not RCL then there probably isn't a motor in the driver's door, hence why that door won't unlock from the passenger side. I don't think mine has one, but then I can't test it because my key doesn't fit the...
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    k11 heating...its pants!

    Mine takes a few minutes to warm up properly and then it gets uncomfortably hot if it's on full. I never have it above about half way :p BG
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    HID's or xenon's

    I fitted the 90% brighter "super white" ones in mine, they are brighter and give a cleaner light but I would hardly call it blue. Will try to remember to take some photos :) BG
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    *Cry* MoT failure

    Hope you got it sorted mate ;) BG
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    Nice! Does the boot fold down? I notice it still has the lock on it :) BG
  17. B Flaming Volvo Torches Speed Camera

    Thanks, will be adding a comment to PH in due course :) BG
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    Micra K10 - Stalling when revved, fuel pump woes

    When mine did this it was because the ignition generator (inside the dizzy?) had gone, started after driving through a lake on a main road which you couldn't see until it was too late to slow down :( Exactly the same symptoms, made it rather difficult to drive up hills and virtually impossible...
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    Kangarooing and loss of power

    Nice one! Thanks for the update :) BG
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    Kangarooing and loss of power

    You should always remove and replace the solder when reworking a joint since the old (contaminated) solder is likely to fail again after a while. Or use flux if you can find some, since this will clean it. Use proper 60/40 (tin/lead) solder not the crap lead-free stuff! Then spray the board with...