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    Crunchy crossmember

    My 94 Dot will soon be due its mot. Overall it seems ok, but the front crossmember is on its last legs- there are holes at the ends and on the underside. Question is, is this a fail item (even though it doesn't seem to be in a prescribed area?), or will it just be an advisory (which is...
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    Bad starting

    My 93 1.0 K11 finally decided not to start this morning- it was a bit weird- it didn't seem like a dead battery as it was still churning the engine over (not slowly like when the battery really is nearly dead). Even trying jump leads to my dad's Focus didn't change the turn over speed of the...
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    Dodgy starter

    Hi everyone My 94 Dot has decided to not start properly in the past fortnight. Instead of starting instantly, for the first few goes the starter motor spins and doesn't turn the engine over at all. The next few goes it makes a screechy/grating sound (like when you accidentally turn the igntion...