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    Heater fan fault in K12

    Congratulations John D and your assistant for an excellent post, it’s difficult being a contortionist with age, I find a dose of Solphodine helps So you’re aged 141 with a 2 year old to help you? We have to improvise and adapt to continue motoring on a budget That’s where forums like these are a...
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    K12 Throttle Valve Problems

    2004 k12 1.2 16v petrol My friends car ticks over ok when stationary then the revs drop and just as it is about to stall it recovers Now she tells me it sometimes stalls when driving She’s lost her handbook so all my information comes from web searches/forums/YouTube It sounds like there’s a...
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    Nissan Micra K12 Radio Code Help

    I may be stating the obvious but after I changed the battery I had to reset the radio I had the correct 4 digit code but when I installed it it didn’t work and messaged “wait 1 hour” I locked the car and came back after about 2 hours Tried again and this time couldn’t even input the 4 digits...
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    Won't start, dashboard light show, lots of clicking

    My friends Micra has similar problems, sometimes won’t start but when connected to jump leads, starts easily and will start later easily. Battery seems to have plenty of life in it. Just makes her think her car is unreliable. I’m trying to persuade her not to buy a new battery, I think it may be...