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    Wheel Wobble Troubles

    A real good tighten... if you over tightened the nuts they will very quickly work there way loose.
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    Member's eBay Finds

    The demand for a road going Micra is just not there. approved and race ready however is a completely different market and with a bit more history particularly racing it could sell for that. Needs to win something. Although probably not far off with the price of bits.
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    Unknown Alloys 4x100

    TSW blades BTW.
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    Member's eBay Finds

    £4k and they supply a single picture...
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    K10 with snapped cambelt help

    Valves are also interchangeable just would have to be ground in by hand of course same as new valves. ;)
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    urgent, help - engine

    Not points, the rotation of the distributor.
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    urgent, help - engine

    Is the distributor timed up correctly?
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    Wishbone modification

    Drifted out the old k10ST ball joints and ordered some new front poly bushes. Whiteline caster adjustables will be at the rear ;) Does anyone know if Nissan can still supply k10 ball joints?
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    Wishbone modification

    Oh okay, only a slight size difference. Ta very much ;)
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    Wishbone modification

    Good work, might do this on my ST wishbones, Are the fron bushes the same as the K11?
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    JAE 2012 Stand List

    Payment sent. Kane C Harris. £37 1 ticket and 3 barbecues. Will be in the MX5 again, don't add Arnold, he didn't say please. :P
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    K reg k10 super black breaking or whole

    Would the intake manifold be available, not wanting the carb?
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    Wishbone modification

    Eibach camber adjustable bolts would surely be the easiest solution?
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    Bike carbs

    K10, K11, K12 or K13?....
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    Selling Tinted Black Rear Lights & Strut Brace for K10

    Is the main bar of the brace aluminium? Sent from my HTC Wildfire using Tapatalk