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    K11 Clutch Renewal Tutorial

    Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s easy lol driveshafts have to be removed from the gearbox. Have a tray ready to catch the oil 👍
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Any news on Kassandra? She has gone very quiet. Is she just so well behaved that there's nothing to report :)
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    Buying a Pao

    Oh, and round the windscreen edges. The rubber seals perish and water gets in there. It’s a windscreen out job and they are hard to get out without breaking. Replacements are hard to find, along with pretty much all other body parts
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    Buying a Pao

    Rust, rust and rust. 😀 I had ome for a while and even though it appeared fine at a glance, it was actually riddled with the stuff. Rear sills and front cross member are places to check
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    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

    It doesn't do motion detection like some of the more expensive ones do. It does have auto record if it detects a shock whilst the car is parked up. i.e. Someone hits your car whilst it's parked up. It's detachable too. It saves 3 or 5 minute files onto the SD in a loop and you can press a button...
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    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

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    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

    I have this one in my car and it's been great. I think I got it from Amazon and bought a 32gb SD cars and hard wire kit for about £80
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    More power from a 1.0

    There are 1000's of posts on here with sort of information information you want Use the search function 😀
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    Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22

    I’m following 😀😀😀
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    I need my shed back :)

    The thread is 3 years old mate.
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    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    What failed on the engine Neil?
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    Sr20 swap, Almera gti, k10 micra build

    She's a beauty :)
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    Wider Tyres On Standard Steelies

    You won't notice it. Crack on
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    Do you change your oil every 3000 miles?

    I used to do every 6 months which was about 4K for me. My car was used a lot on motorways and sat at high revs for long periods