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    Headlight aim

    Hi. My 160sr headlight on right side seems to be a bit low. when I move the scroller on the dash the near side rises but the off side doesn't move. I've also tried manually winding them using the white Allen key hole but not doing much really. Any suggestions? I've also noticed thay whoever's...
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    Fuel filler pipe

    Hi My 160sr has a very rusty fuel filler pipe. I have seen replacement parts available but wondering if anyone has any 'how to' videos/pictures or help as this is something I am hopefully going to tackle myself! Cheers
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    Hi. I have recently acquired a 55 plate 160sr for a measly £600! It runs and drives great but is in need of a wheel alignment and balancing but that seems about it. There is a loud noise when locking the door coming from the drivers side. I have seen some YouTube videos so plan to get this...