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    Mystery picture

    Would have been useful to mention that the pipe went to the gearbox at the start, probably no need for even a picture
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    Mystery picture

    Depends, there are levels of those with less knowledge that ask question, no intention of doing anything and then stick the car in a garage. The those slightly higher that do have an intention, but a little bit of common sense meant if they looked a bit deeper at the problem then it would be an...
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    I want to do a K12 in this colour

    Wrapping might be a cheaper option
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    Mystery picture

    It's the internet, and if you think forums are bad, then try facebook, it might be more your level.
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    Mystery picture

    What would probably be more useful was if you were to follow the pipe and saw where it went on the engine or gearbox...
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    K12 Thermostat - which one?

    Unless you live somewhere really how or really cold, get the standard one. There can be many things affect the running temp, like waterpump, radiator, general crud in the system, fan not kicking in at right speed.
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    8 bar of pressure on 3 cylinders

    How many times do you turn it over, usually the readings will jump up on each turn, needs about 5 or 6 to get it stable. I've always wondered if the first one is closer to the real value since you get more heating effect as you go on turning it over.
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    8 bar of pressure on 3 cylinders

    Seems a bit low, try the compression tester on another car
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    8 bar of pressure on 3 cylinders

    Also repeat with a teaspoon of oil in the cylinder (wet test)
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    General maintenance

    Gearbox oil change , coolant change, brake fluid change.
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    Vauxhall engine swap

    I'd guess it would be a try it and see, post up some pics as you go along :D
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    01 K11 1.0L Micra S - Was my first car a mistake? (Rusted rear axle, springs, etc)

    I'd put new springs and shocks on the back and not worry about the axle. The look original, and at that age worth replacing. Check the front suspension too for perished joints. New joints and bushes make the car feel like a much better drive.
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    Passenger window very slow at winding up.

    I've noticed ours is a bit slower on the passenger window, probably lack of use. I make a point of trying to remember to move it up and down fully when ever I can to keep it moving.
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    160sr seems slow off the mark ?

    The 1.2 is definitely nippy off the line.
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    K12 radio fascia removal with no access to top screws.

    Needed to be removed on mine, wouldn't clear the stalk otherwise