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    OBD2 ELM327 scanner

    Ok, good to know, thanks!
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    Battery drain

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    OBD2 ELM327 scanner

    Hi, I've just got one of these fellas working, yay, just wondering about leaving it plugged in all the time. It does have a power on/off switch on it, but still not sure. Any ideas? I suppose I will run a parasitic drain test and see, but what experience do you guys have? Thx.
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    So, how do you get out of your car?

    I've got in and out of an MX5, not easy to do silently if you are on the more mature side.
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    Sam's Project - Kylie the K11

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    K12 New member

    Looks great, he's a lucky lad, I hope he appreciates both the car and yourself! I've recently acquired an '03, not quite so immaculate tho. It needed 3 new tyres, old ones had lots of tread but very perished, one was 15 years old. I'm sure you know that the timing chain on the early ones can...
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    Passed it's test!

    Ta for that, buddy. I worry some NOT testers' purpose in life is to get older cars off the road, then again, others are kinder. Still, maybe a potential conflict of interest having a repair place doing an MOT? Congrats for yours passing the test, onward and upward. 👉🏻🚗👍
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    K12 1st/2nd Gear Stiff

    Thanks for that, all a bit of a palaver, I must say. I was hoping it might be doable via the console in the cabin. While sitting on the comfy seat. But appreciate it, I have a much better idea of what's going on.
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    K12 1st/2nd Gear Stiff

    (K12 '03 1.0L, 110k miles) So I'm cruising along, engine warm, need to down shift for a turn, into 4th and 3rd is fine, changing to 2nd is not so nice, not crunching but baulkier, stiffer. Double de-clutching makes no difference. I'm reluctant to spend 60-80 bucks on gearbox oil, is there a...
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    Passed it's test!

    She passed the NCT (MOT to some) today, not a bother! Think I'll treat myself to an OBD2 device, change the oil and filter, maybe wait for warmer weather to do something about the paint that is missing in patches. Oh, and do some rust treatment. Fab. 🚙
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    Photo's of Members K11's

    The wheels look good, white valves too!
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I've just been quoted €580, that's £480 or so, here in the Emerald Isle for a bog standard 2003 1 Litre K12. Which is 50 bucks more that last year for my 2002 K11. And I probably drove only 500 miles or so in the last year. I'm a bit older than you as well, they say not many companies want to...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Ah, moms can work wonders to protect their babies (of all ages). They might want to murder you, at the same time.
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    I was thinking of applying Hammerite underbody seal with waxoyl, however I've been re-felting my shed and find I have a good bit of Bostik felt adhesive left over. It's black and gloopy like treakle, and claims to remain flexible, moving with the felt as the temperature changes. So, I'm...