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    Beeping? W reg 1.0 facelift (not renault k11)

    Not just me then! Had 3 micras, 4 almeras and a sunny zx coupe and never had anything similar on any! Back to the drawing board :s Cheers guys!
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    JAE and headgaskets.

    That's a shame. Top marks for effort though!
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    JAE and headgaskets.

    Just a quick one, who's headgasket went on the way to jae and did it get finished? I walked past Saturday night and it was looking a bit grim! TommO.
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    Beeping? W reg 1.0 facelift (not renault k11)

    Evening chaps. Not been here for a few years but having an issue with my uncles car. Basically within the the last week or so it has started beeping about 30 seconds after starting it in a morning. Apparently it's the same beep as the headlight/door beep, it beeps 5/6 times then stops. He's not...
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    guess who's back

    hahahaha yeah frank, dont quite trust the wooden spacers idea lol i need some wheels like yours mate!
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    guess who's back

    ahhhh frank how are you! it needs a roofrack and spacers but i refuse to buy anything for it
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    guess who's back

    why not?! lol dont get me wrong, id love a K10ss in my dream garage but a brown 988 4 door is hardly the pinacle of fashion is it :lol:
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    guess who's back

    my almera gti is brown breaded so i needed a car on a sunday afternoon armed with only what the cash machine could give me and my old dear between us. unfortunately i found this, i took the air filter out, the exhaust is currently in the long winded process of falling off, i sprayed some stuff...
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    Hoodedreeper's K11 RELOADED!!

    rover 400 sill trims! w00t! hard to believe i pioneered that over 4 years ago hahahh! lookin cool dude
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    now, i sold my micra 3+ years ago, but i can honestly say thats the best read ive had in a long time! lot of respect for what you have done paul! well done! tom
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    Event: Mallory Park Track Days

    cor that red one looks quick :lol:
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    near my mrs house, might keep my eyes on this and bring the gti for a run out :)
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    OMG Arnold's in hospital!

    sorry to hear it al, all the best
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    rat look k11

    rat look is crap. id go euro on a pre facelift 11
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    Class Pic Of the March at a show and shine Event

    absolutely awesome dude. need i say more?!