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    Creeking on Steering on K11

    Had a look and found the CV joint on the left side has quite a lot of play laterally across to the gear box trying to find out how much play there should be there as I feel it might be that and the CV joint bearing
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    Fog Lights for K11 16V Inspiration (RHD)

    Hi All does anyone know what type front fog lights I can fit to my Nissan Micra k11 1999 1.0 16V Inspiration, I am able to remove the black grilles on the corners of the front bumper, wondering whether I can acquire some original Nissan front fog lights and if so what type. Thanks, Tom.
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    Creeking on Steering on K11

    Hi All, trying to work out what issue ive currently got which I feel could be something to do with the steering rack, when I turn right at low speed, it creeks and I don't know whether its a joint gone on the steering or what else it could be. Thanks Tom.
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    Sportex Backbox

    Been looking around at a back box replacement for my stock K11 back box just wondering what the difference is between the S4 backbox sportex do compare with the S3? cheers Tom.
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    K11 Windscreen Washers

    Thanks very much, I'll do just that.
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    K11 Windscreen Washers

    Hi All, Quick question, the washers aren't very powerfull on both windscreen washer dispensers could that just be the nozzles or would it be the washers pump, if it's the pump where would be the best place to source one. Thanks, Tom