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    Washer Jet help?

    If you have a decent bicycle pump, it might do as well.
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    Squeky clutch, suggestions?

    I'm having the same problem with my K11. I've tried spraying a load of WD-40 around the lever near the gearbox, but this proved to only be a temporary fix. Would some lithium grease do a better job? Or could the clutch cable be worn, causing the squeek?
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    A few questions

    But can one still be installed even if it's not standard?
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    A few questions

    I've run in to some issues with my K11, hope you can shed a light on them. Interior light: I noticed the interior light turns on when I open the driver door like it’s supposed to, but doesn’t turn on when I open the passenger door. Is this a factory default, or did something break? Boot...
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    Does my micra have a pollen filter ?

    From my understanding, few pre-facelift K11's have pollen filters. If you have one, it's situated behind the glovebox behind a support bracket. What I'm wondering is; if your car didn't originally come with a pollen filter, can you still install one?
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    New User

    I'd be very interested in one of those as well! Sadly I don't think they'll be much good in a LHD Micra. :(
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    Rear speakers

    Thanks modded, I will have another look this weekend. I'd also appreciate some advice on the following: I want to install rear speakers, but for reasons beyond my male comprehension, my girlfriend doesn't want them in the parcel shelf. As she's the main driver, I'll reluctantly go along ...
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    Rear speakers

    My 1.0 doesn't have rear speakers either. I've been looking for the wiring for them, but so far haven't been able to find it. After removing the screws (indicated with a red arrow) and carpet, I checked the yellowish shaded area, but all I found was wiring for lights, wiper, etc. (Checked...
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    My 1.0 needs a new set of tyres (175/70 R13), and I'm having a hard time deciding what type to go with. I'm currently torn between Michelin's Energy E3B 1's and Conti's EcoContact 3. My main concern is with comfort (sound) and durability, as this car is mainly used as a city/commute car. I...
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    Installing Central Locking/Remote immobiliser

    The difference between those two kits is in the colorscheme of the keys (black-on-black or white-on-black). I'm thinking of installing one as well, but there are some other repairs/upgrades that need to come first. If you're going ahead with it, I'd be very interested in pics/a step-by-step...
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    Clutch Problem??

    I'm experiencing the same problem. Can I just spray WD-40 around/in where the clutch arm goes onto the bell housing without causing any problems?
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    Nissan Micra 1.0 Vibe 1997

    As long as the 'new' fusebox is from a K11 Micra, it should fit. I don't think it will be too hard to attach, but I don't have any first-hand experience, so ... I can definitely recommend getting a copy of Haynes' workshop manual. I've been finding it extremely helpful...
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    Changing the radio: adapters needed?

    Went ahead and did not need any additional adapters. Nice little radio, too. :)
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    Changing the radio: adapters needed?

    I want to upgrade the stock Blaupunkt radio/cassette player of my K11 to a Sony CDX-GT24 cd/mp3 player. I've read that the K11's wiring is not ISO standard and that the car audio earths through the antenna. Looking at this installation guide of the GT24, I think it comes with all the adapters...
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    Cleaning the heater

    Never mind that, just picked up a copy from eBay.