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    K12 Micra - Front wipers stopped working - Wiper Relay?

    Hi Guys, got a strange one here, the wipers suddenly stopped working, checked all usual stuff. Fuse 38 (under the head lamp) in the little white box (IPDM??) which was fine. Checked earth contacts fine Checked the motor I can feed 12vs into it and works fine Got my meter out to see what...
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    Micra 1.3 Wipers just stopped working..

    Yeah, Checked that ,fuse 38 in the box under the headlamp.?? Do you know what voltage should I getting to the motor?
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    Front Wiper Relay Location

    Does anyone know where the front wiper relay is??
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    Micra 1.3 Wipers just stopped working..

    Thought it might be a relay or the maybe the stalk itsself however the washer pump is working, do you know where the relay(s) is/ are?? Thanks Tony
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    Micra 1.3 Wipers just stopped working..

    My other half has a 1.2 Micra on a 53 plate, the wipers just stopped working (in the park position) Checked the fuse under the headlamp all ok, checked the motor arms all look ok, tested the voltage between ground and the Low and high inputs to the wiper motor 0 volts! however the "intelligent"...