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    Help with cherry engined micra

    What do you want to know about the conversion? I've done it when I was 16 years old, so it isn't difficult... You need to custom made all the engine and gearbox mounts and modify the gear change rods. It'll fit in to engine bay of the Micra without cutting anything, but it's a tight fit. You...
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    Video: BMW M6 vs Nissan Micra from 50 km/h to ?

    Yes :) 730kg, 1527cc, T25G, intercooler, tweaked ecu, ported head, bigger throttle body, lightened flywheel etc. ...All you would need more is grip :glare:
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    Video: BMW M6 vs Nissan Micra from 50 km/h to ?

    :upside: Haven't raced M6, but I've beaten M3 and M5 BMWs with my K10. :) The M3 was a standing start and at the first the M3 got a little bit away because of the better grip, but after I got the 3rd gear, the M3 was left behind. The race against the M5 was from 60kmph (about 37mph) and I...
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    biggest engine cc?

    BTW, it's Wärtsilä, designed (and made?) in Finland :) The biggest car I've drove is Scania R560 truck, 16 liter V8 and 560bhp/2700 Nm :P It's pretty nice :grinning: And they even pay me to drive it for work...
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    what is wrong with everyones micra

    Only thing I can think is the lack of traction on acceleration. Also I would need a bigger amp to my subwoofer :glare:
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    Picture needed of datsun micra rear end

    For the original question... here are some pics of my older K10's rear end:
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    Help from Sweden (K10)

    Hejsan Johan och välkommen till forum! Bränsle sila är på bakom av din motor. Du kan följä tillkommande linjen av bränsle från karburator och du vill hitta en vit plastic låda som är sila. Jag rekommender at du också byta ignition kabels, därför att jag hade problems med dem på min -87...
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    really early micra

    I have a -83 model Datsun, which serial number is 634, early enough? :) Here are some pics taken from autumn 2004, after I restored it to it's original shape allthrough during the summer:
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    Progress Report on Chris Batch's 2.0 SR20DE conversion

    The engine will at the first testing be 1.8 carb/1.8 efi turbo from Subaru Leone, but I might also try putting the 2.0 turbo engine from my Leone to the Micra, because I'm making a fitment plate which can make the EJ-series engine (Legacy/Impreza) fit to EA-series (Leone) gearbox. The tranny and...
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    K10 Top speed,

    I got max 90mph (from speedo) with my 1.0 DX and with my other Micra it was something like 110-115mph (calculated from revs, tire size and transmission ratios) and still accelerating pretty well, but I was approaching a curve and had to slow down
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    Progress Report on Chris Batch's 2.0 SR20DE conversion

    Sure SR20 gives a lot of power, but it also weights a lot. MA10 engine weights 69kg, when SR20 is 147kg. Then the gearbox.. as someone would've noticed, Micra's gearbox is very light and comparing to Primera's or Sunny's SR-serie gearbox, there is a significant difference. So you have to be...
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    How about the engine from Legacy RS turbo? It's quite similar to STi-engine and as I measured from the engine and my other Micra, it can be fitted :) That one K10 of mine with 1,5 turbo isn't fast enough... it needs more traction :glare: I'm going to make a 4wd Micra with Subaru engine+tranny...
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    Anybody found themselves doing this?

    These kind of things happen to me sometimes, for example: I was once walking in the city with my good friend and I saw perfectly original black Super S K10 going by the street and I said without thinking what I said: "panisin" which is finnish and is similar to "I'd do her" in english. You can...
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    Photo's of Members K10's

    Here's my 1983 Datsun Micra 1.5i turbo IC (now with bigger turbo, Garrett T25G :grinning:) My 1987 Nissan Micra 1.0 DX Here are couple compilation pictures with my Micras and my dad's Micra (blue 1.0 GL model) And... I'm not sure if you could call this a K10, but at least...
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    Custom Inlet Manifold

    I think you meant thicker gasket? ;) I'm building one MA10 engine during winter and I'm going to put Garrett T2 from my other Micra to it, because I'm atm installing T25G to it. I'm going to use Datsun A15 engine's carb with the MA10 and maybe make new inlet and exhaust manifolds. I did a...