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    can you buy new Keyless ignition barrels for K12 ??

    The emergency key of the new lock wont match the transponder code of the car, the NATS wont disable, the immobiliser will kick in and the car wont start. You would still need to get the key redone
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    Nissan micra k12 radio code
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    E10 in a K12

    The logic that ethanol is less energy dense than traditional petrol. 6% is a ridiculous number though, more realistically it would be < 3% from 0% to 10% ethanol at a push,
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    BonkaBears SR 160

    Won't be that low no, that is completely on its arse. I've attached a photo of mine (standard height, new springs on 100k mile shocks) and a lowered one on the Sportlines. Left darker red is mine, standard, right lighter red is lowered. It's definitely a drop, but its not as extreme as in the...
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    K12 radio code 2008
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    General discussion

    Nobody else willve done that, so you probably won't get an answer, can you not just get a set off a yaris or whatever and shorten/extend them
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    No they arent, as they dont have a fog light, but you could convert one of the reverse lights into one, with a red led, or just run without, and do as Mika said. Very, very unlikely to be pulled over for it driving around
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    K12 3 door rear side window removal

    I think it's 'glued' in. Rubber seal going around the inside, and then the glass is glued to that or something daft
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    Front lower radiator crossmember

    Haynes manual says you can get front bumper off without headlights or wheels, just take the grilles out first. I was looking at doing it earlier with no success
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    K12 Cigarette Lighter Cable - I can't find it!?

    I expect the wire has just fallen down, if you remove the cupholder section that might help a bit too
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    Front lower radiator crossmember

    Presumably welded in, itll be take off most of the front of the car, rad out etc, cut the old one out or drill out the spot welds (if that was how it was done, not sure) and then installation opposite of removal. Very common job on K11s, not so much K12s. Also personally wouldnt call that part...
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    can you buy new Keyless ignition barrels for K12 ??

    Wouldnt be surprised if your best option is to buy a whole scrap car with keyless for all the components, or just cut your losses, buy another car and just move any nice parts from your current car onto the new car, then scrap it
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    Air Bag Suspention Kit

    Depends if you just want lows or you want to lift it up to a drivable level when its not parked. Talk to the guy who had the hydros on his, plus at car shows hydros rather than air ride will get you a bit of extra cred
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    Air Bag Suspention Kit

    Dont touch either I'd say, talk to a local specialist rather than buying off the shelf 'bolt on' parts that will be anything but
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    Rear side window coming loose (3door)

    I have no idea how to solve that sorry, have a look at this link So I guess its got rubber between the glass and the chassis, and maybe the rubber sits into the window hole...