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    Swiper's Blog.

    I miss this car. I want another but I've just looked back at all the things I bought to make me love it
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    JAE 2012 Stand List

    1. Kev - support vehicle 2. James - Nissan Almera N16 3. karlj - K11 4. Low Rider - Fusion Pulsar 5. Guy - K12 6. Will930 - K11 (maybe corolla Gti) 7. pollyp - K11 8. Dragonmaster_uk - K12 9. Jay101 - K11 10. Glen - K11 11. Stani - K11 12. Arnold - EP91 13. whipit - MX5 14. peposhi - K11 15...
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    DCI Sump Plug

    primera wheels won't fit a micra as the pcd is wrong. micra is 100mm x 4 and primera is 114.3mm x 4 (so is the newer almera n16)
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    K12 Alloys, Genuine Bodykit, Eibachs And Rear Spoiler

    As title says, looking for the 16" sport alloys (darker ones preferably) the nissan bodykit that were all over ebay a couple of years ago. 30mm Eibach lowering springs (possibly 50mm) genuine rear spoiler. cash waiting. cheers, Shaun.
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    F/S Power Steering setup

    how much would postage be please?
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    Micra 50mm Lowering Kit Bilstein

    are these sold?
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    K 1.3 Sr lime green

    nice, i miss my old one in that colour, until i sold it to squarepants and then he crashed it!!!
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    Front end knocking

    could be track rod end?
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    K11 facelift fog lights and stock (new) + other bits for sale

    unless your car has aircon, it will only have a connector for the driver's side (taped up behind the headlight). the new kit comes with an adapter harness/loom the connects into the driver's side connector, leaves another connector that side for that side and gives a run of loom to go to the...
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    K11 Roofbars - Genuine Nissan BNIB

    i think you may need opening rear 1/4 windows for these?
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    cg13 engine forsale

    i'm also interested
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    Micra Sport + For Sale

    hi, i could be interested. could you please post up pics of any body damage including the rust area, and did you manage to sort out the idle problem? thanks, shaun.
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    squarepants micra blog

    looking good dan, but get it washed lol
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    cg10 flywheel.

    pair this up with a cg10 crank pully aswell (straight swap) and you will save around 2.6kg off the crank in total compared to a standard 1.3 as the 1.0 pulley is 0.825kg and the 1.3 pulley is 1.75kg. all my measurements are approximate by the way (kitchen scales iirc)
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    cg10 flywheel.

    the cg10 '98-'00 flywheel is 6.3kg and a cg13 '92-'98 is 8.0kg. i did weigh a cg13 '98-'00 fly and i'm sure it was around the 8kg mark aswell.