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    Engine/NATS info and an Hello

    I’ve got an Audi A4 tdi Quattro mapped at 220BHP. It’s my daily driver, 15-18000 miles per year and does it well. My project is actually a Subaru Justy AWD. The original single point injected 1.3 engine is a bit naff on lots of fronts apparently. So my plan is to drop a CG13 in (which I know and...
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    Engine/NATS info and an Hello

    Thanks for the help frank. I’m ashamed to say I’m a diesel driver too. But I’m glad to be back working on something involving micros again. Or the engines at least.
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    Engine/NATS info and an Hello

    Hi frank. Hope your OK? Are you still CG Turbo? If so we need to chat. Are the early ECU’s tuneable? With Nistune or whatever it’s called?
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    Engine/NATS info and an Hello

    Hi all. Not been around these parts for a long while. Maybe some of the older members will recognise me? Is Frank still around? Just spent 15 mins reading my old blog. Brings back some memories Anyway onlo my question. I am after some info on pre Nats cars. I want a cg13 engine and loom and...
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    SR instrument cluster

    there is one for sale on ebay for anyone thats interested..
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    Think I Killed the Car (TB solder gone wrong)!

    you should have at least unplugged the tb when soldering,
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    Porks bike carbs and boost project

    you will be very lucky to get areldite to stick to silicone, not very much sticks to it, to the point you could use the silicone to make a mould and cast the part in areldite, the only think ive ever successfully stuck silicone with in my previous fob was loctite 435 ( i think) and the specific...
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    roll cage

    iirc that one was a garden shed thing made from box section? they come up ocasionally check ebay
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    Failed mot on a split pin!

    drilling it out is not as easy as first seems, be carefull if you will have half a broken drill in there, which is harder to shoft, goto a nut and bolt place and buy a nylok nut, ( a nut with a nylon insert in the top)
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    Front brake pads, 41000k

    are PAO's not the same front hub arangement as the standard k10? i.e. not interchangable brakes? i had to use k11 hubs on my k10 to enable bigger brakes to be fitted
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    My dolomite sprint with CA18DET Turbo Conversion.

    excellent work matey, looks smart
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    Porks bike carbs and boost project

    i hope you're putting more bolts in the cover? its asking for a boost leak, need at least 1 in the centre of the long side if not 2 or 3
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    Wanted: Mid spoiler for a K10 Micra

    if you dont sell it give me a pm
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    Wanted: Mid spoiler for a K10 Micra

    i looked for one of these for years, never saw one for sale, id be interested in yours shaf if you dont sell it
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    oil / battery / handbrake lights staying on

    too far for me im afraid!