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    SR160 with a 6 speed gearbox ?

    I was also thinking this, both my current cars seem to have the wrong gearbox. My 160SR needs a 6th for the motorway, my 1.8 zafira's engine and gearbox just seem completely miss-matched when taken in consideration to the vehicle's size and load
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    Kumho KH31 tyres

    I have Kuhmos on mine and hate them, not sure of the model though. The grip in the cold or wet is just pants, having come from a Ka with skiny budget rubber I really expected better, they are OK in the dry. I've had Toyo T1-Rs on previous cars and would go with them
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    Should I be getting more mpg?

    I use this site, but there are others similar You can also search for cars the same as yours and see what other people get
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    The great insurance rip-off

    what about some SR alloys, reasonable tyre size and was an option from new.
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    sat nav . aux input or cigarette lighter

    I have a twin usb socket in my 12v socket. It fits flush with the surround and is just the ticket for sat nav and phone charging
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    Set of alloys on ebay..

    especially considering it includes delivery, mine are pretty scratched especially the front near side one
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    PLX wifi

    Welcome, but this is the K12 section. I've no idea what PLX is
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    Best Tyre Choice

    cool, didn't think they did them in that size
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    Best Tyre Choice

    Guy, I'm a T1-R fan too. Great all weather performance, look good and last well for the grip offered. What size do you wear?
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    Best Tyre Choice

    I was thinking that they would offer some much needed protection to the flat face and easily scratched 160sr wheels. My cousins are tyre fitters so when the time comes I'll be going to speak to them, though I fancy some black Rota Grids, I'd like to stick to 16" but they are 7j
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    K12 Aero Wiper Issues

    won't be getting them then, hope you find a fix mate
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    Best Tyre Choice

    You've lost me a bit, are you're saying 195 was a bit on the wide side for even a 7.5j rim or that the tyre was an inch too narrow for the ideal and therefore a little on the wide side for a 6j.
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    Best Tyre Choice

    isn't 205/45/16 almost an exact match for the rolling radius of the standard 185/50/16 and there seems to be alot more available tyres in that size. Or is 205 too wide for the 6j rim?
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    Induction kit vs upgraded panel filter

    Wow, thanks for your reply Ed, that's some nice looking work. I think I'll stick with a panel filter, though I'd be interested if a remap could solve your problem