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    2 questions

    Hi all, just 2 questions. 1. What's the top speed of a 1L S? 2. How do you sort sagging doors? Atb Andy
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    Better acceleration?

    I have a k11 1L there a way to get better acceleration without spending too much cash? Andy
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    What do you drive?

    I drive a 1L S. I did have a 1.2 fiesta zetec and a rover 45 ixs 1.8L before that. I do love the micra more than those 2. Posted on my device_name using the MSC Mobile App
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    about you?

    Name: andy. Age:42. Hobbies: target shooting, video games. Car: k11 1L S. Picked my micra up last month intending to sell it on for a bigger car later after I crashed my old fiesta.....however I did not count on how good these little cars are. Its miles better than my old ford bar the...