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    My Superturbo is back home!

    Was so great to see the ST arrive on the show. Really looking forward to seeing your progress. I also got one of your posters...'cause Super Turbos!! :love:
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    1989 Superturbo

    Loving this thread!
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    My 1989 March Super Turbo Rebuild

    New head looks great, Baz!
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    My (long and biased :P) March ST Review

    Great Read!! Thanks for sharing :grinning:
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    Wanted March Super turbo Looks ok and reasonable price.
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    My Project for the last year (Not an st)

    Looks great, Baz! You've done an amazing job with the build. Great write up too!
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    Chavs do not like my car...

    Hey Steve, spotted this while trolling and thought you may be interested.
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    how many st's

    Mine has been back on the road for a while but I recently had to get some more done to it. Fans and fuse box for the aircon had all rotted out and needed to be replaced but for the first time since owning the car I now have working aircon! Recently had a strut brace and a nismo steering wheel...
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    how many st's

    There's also one around Perth but noone has ever heard from the owner on any forums as far as I know. He was trying to sell it recently but it was in a pretty bad state.
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    Its not a ST, but I thought I should introduce my new car

    Bargain, nice pick up man! hope it serves you as well as the navara.
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    GTIR project

    A guy in malaysia did something similar dropping an evo engine in a ST and converting to awd. It is a really big job from what I saw of it. I would have thought the custom drive shafts alone would end up costing as much as the engine. Why not just go for a higher hp fwd setup? turbo a...
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    Black ST restoration blog

    Wow, that'll keep you busy. All the best with it!
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    Cool...forged rebuild starting

    Nice, will be good to see how this progresses. (Y)
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    Few pics

    what rom are you planning on using??
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    Few pics

    The original ecu has already been remapped as much as can be easily figured out. A piggy back will just make things much simpler in the long run if I want to play around with the boost etc. Ed was working on roms for the stock ecu but I dont think he has much spare time to dedicate to it...