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    My facelift K11

    My first time on this forum in a LONG time, and all I can say is your car is awesome. If it had a 1.3 running bike carbs, i'd cream. Got me tempted to get one!
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    1984 K10 headunit wiring

    Sorry to drag up an old thread again again (well i found it on the first page :p). In my experience, drop the original power wires. I had a sony headunit in my old K10 that wasnt exceptionally powerful, was just a standard cd/fm radio. Was listening to music one day to notice my car smelt...
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Wow just read all of this mate, a bloody awesome thread. You've done a thorough job on everything, nice one :)
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    Turbo oil feed thread sizes

    Where abouts are the oil feed and return locations? I'm looking into this now. Was gonna carb a k10 but now i wanna turbo a k11! haha. I'm guessing the return can just go into the sump so mostly where is the feed? Any links to somewhere online i can order the part from? Do i need a sealent to...
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    Carbing a K10

    I've got the option of a cheap 1.0 K10 and some free ZZR600 carbs. I'm sure i can fab something up to mount the ######s with a mates dad, what other work is there needed? Such as adjustments to fuel feeds, fuel pressure regs etc etc? Would like to know by tomorrow as the auction for the car ends...
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    1.3 Stage / Road Rally Micra [was Enduro Rally Car]

    Im guessing it either didnt make it up or didnt like the landing?
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    Good for a laugh, Ebay K10 for sale :D

    Wow. I'm so glad i checked MSC today. I've now saved that entire listing, burnt it to CD, stored it in an inpenitrable metal casing and buried it in my garden so futurepeoplealienthings can see what an awesome car advert looks like.
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    Spotted: White K10, Chatham Kent. By the art college!

    Not sure where these belong but did check the sub forums. Saw this the other night. Was pretty damn nice and didnt get a snap of it but had a smoothed boot and an exhaust popping genuine flames. So, who was responsible for disturbing tha peace grr Haha. Oh and to whoever had the K11 and...
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    Free parts or they go to the crusher :)

    Spotted this job lot on the bay for a fiver so sent the guy a message and got this back: "Hi there, is that the MSC forum you're on? If the parts can go to a good home on a Micra instead of the crusher then that would be nice, I just need to free up some space. The parts are: -...
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    help with k10 induction kit

    well i was just going to use a breather filter and one of those mushroom filters on mine, but if i keep mine now i'll cbr carb it anyway. If you want noise, get the whole replacement. If you want power (and less heat soak) get the pan replacement and a cold air feed using the standard pan.
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    Centre Console Photos

    i wouldn't touch the radio wires, mine all burnt out not so long ago (luckily i had the car otuside my house anyway) and coudl've burnt my car out. I now have my own 12 gauge power feeds, one from the fuse to my amp and the earth bolts to the chassis.
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    What I made at college today....

    Aha, kooool =] i say just leave it as it is, brushed aluminium looks cool =]
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    The Micra K10 Camper Van for sale

    did you sell this yet? looks well good lol! now, where to fit the 4 subs... :P
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    What I made at college today....

    i wouldn't mind one if you can do me one =] or two actually. Although, a suggestion of mine would be, shorten teh bit stciking out of the bottom, and make the last bit (say the very bottom 3mm) stick out wider than the rest, and put teh grub screws in the protruing bit, that way anyone with a...
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    Alfonze's Red K11

    no i don't drive, but i've driven various power cars on a private road near me and i've done all sorts of silly mods and noticed differences. Air filters don't do much for performance but they make some noise, and that noise tended to incline me to want to go faster.