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    1995 k11 Super S

    Spot on Andy Yeah it got picked up by the new owner yesterday- wheels are now for sale separately though, but I'll get a for sale post going on these soon
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    1995 k11 Super S

    Believe me - I don't want to, but i need the space. My double garage is soon to be filled with skate ramps, and aside from the two k12's we've got I'm possibly buying a new Pulsar... I know I'll regret getting rid of the super s though :-(
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    1995 k11 Super S

    NOW SOLD: My 1995 Super S. This car has been a labour of love for the last 15 months- saved from scrap yard condition, and no expense spared in fixing him up. For more in depth pictures, see my album (public); Just over 86k on the clock, two keys, remote central locking. Some history (all...
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    Installing footwell lighting...

    From recollection, you just need 3x 501 bulbs (sometimes called w5w- same as sidelight bulbs)
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    All the boot badges are glued on a k12 :-)
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    Nistune ECU, Nismo etc FS

    PM on its way :-)
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    Nistune ECU, Nismo etc FS

    How much for the dash pod and 2nd din slot posted?
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    F/S SuperS (needs some work) £400 ono

    If you were closer I'd have had this for a donor for mine (same colour)... But that said it'd be a shame to see yet another super s broken for parts (especially in this colour!!!)...
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    Clutch cable help and fuel pump relay help needed!

    Decided to just replace the clutch cable- and it's not really made any difference.... :-(
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    Clutch cable help and fuel pump relay help needed!

    Hi guys, Clutch is quite stiff to operate- but doesn't slip or crunch, just kinda heavy on the pedal end... Anyone think replacing the cable might sort this? Also, would anyone be able to take the kick plate off and take a picture of their fuel pump relay for me- specifically the wire colours...
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    Slimothy's K11 Super S

    No real updates to speak of, but new tyres should arrive later on today (dropping to a 195/45/15), new backbox should turn up at some point this week (my straight pipe box didn't turn out so well so I've ordered a sportex 3"), and the car goes to bodyshop on Wednesday to have the sills sorted...
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    Help! Immobiliser wiring mess!

    at some point a previous owner has had a fob style immobiliser fitted, and the previous owner has disconnected it... I'm looking to remove it completely (for the sake of neatness- it's not currently functional anyway), but not 100% sure on the wiring. Here's a little vid to show what I've got...
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    Alto spring / Corsa shocks issue - possible panhard rod issue?

    Sounds good!- just waiting on my redundancy money to clear and then I'll pm you for a set
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    Alto spring / Corsa shocks issue - possible panhard rod issue?

    Hmmm... What sort of cost does a pair of these come out at Andy?