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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Contemplated buying another K11...
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    Banded steels

    @dayo76 A very rough calc tells me that these will poke out about 100mm further than a stock steelie - assuming stock steelie is 5J et45 Even with stupid stretch you'll need wicked lows and bolts on arches to pull it off. For reference I used to run 7.5J and 8.5J with a similar offset. I...
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    Nissan Micra K11 SR+T

    @Stani1029 - I host all my images on imgur then link them here in a post. Glad to see this is still alive and kicking :)
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    Ideas for k11 Alarm System or dash cam?

    Question - is it worth it? If someone wants to steal it. They will... and if they can't then they'll most likely trash it. I think a member on here a few years back fitted a hidden switch to the fuel pump (or similar) to stop the engine running. May have even been @frank :unsure:
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    I need K10 advice?

    Collector? I doubt it. It's just a Micra. I'm sure a young chap who wants an affordable retro whip to ruin with cut springs and a rusty bonnet will take it off your hands. If you're happy with the motor, happy to daily it and not desperate to sell then just hang onto it!
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    How to fit a Nissan Pulsar GTI-R short shifter to a K11 Micra.

    I think you can bodge the factory shifter to have a shorter throw by adjusting the pivot thing with some elbow grease.
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    Tyre stretch and poke illegal ?

    The only crime I see is the ride height.
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    Look Up List/Pics for K11 Bulbs?

    No problem - I forget where these originated from, possibly @frank But there's no harm in keeping another link alive!
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    More power from a 1.0

    From experience and maybe a little bit of wisdom from being older: Don't bother. Either fit a 1.3 to the 1.0 gbox and fly or just buy a 1.3
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    Look Up List/Pics for K11 Bulbs?

    Here we go!
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    Mildred the Micra

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    Look Up List/Pics for K11 Bulbs?

    There's a K11 service manual kicking around on my Google Drive somewhere. If I find it, I'll post you the link.
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    Mildred the Micra

    White smoke?
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    Genuine Thermostat (worth the money over pattern part)?

    FWIW, I bought a thermostat from Motor Parts Direct and it never fitted properly. I think in the end I went to Nissan for a genuine part.
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    Optimum Filter for Almera Airbox

    I used a cheap paper filter from local Motor Parts Direct. I also modified the original snorkel to fit in the K11 engine bay. No issues.