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    please join this group
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    Airbag wiring

    Thnks mate. Ill check
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    Airbag wiring

    Hi folks. I need the aribag wiring diagram as my airbag light start blinking. It was diagnose with a B1049 code
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    Boot rattle

    Mine was the rear board which lift up when you open the boot
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    K12 LED dashboard lights

    Hi evryone. I put blue led in my k12 dash and it apear green. The dull orange colour is in the panel itself.
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    K12 LED dashboard lights

    T5 bulb. Google it
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    Looking for plastic element in trunk

    I had same problem. Broken clips. I have drilled the plastic along with the metal panel and put some 6mm plastic clips
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    Airbag warning light

    Hi all. Please tell me how to had reset the light.
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    JAE 2019

    Hii there. Am very sad i couldnt come. Im very far in mauritius. Hey guys enjoy to the max...
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    "Café Latte" K12

    Nice path
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    Airbag warning light flashing

    At that time i had only wd40. But i would see if dielectric grease is available here in mauritius. I have silicone spray that i often put on battery terminals and they never corode.
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    Airbag warning light flashing

    I did same for my k12. I put some wd40 in the connection and reset the airbag. No blinking anymore.
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    Nissan March K12 User Manual

    Please i need one too.
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    k12 manual

    Can u email me please
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    k12 manual

    Thnks mate