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    Forza 4 K13 Micra Championship

    Gets too boring. We need one car, one setup shared between all. Best way to see who's the best
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    Forza 4 K13 Micra Championship

    Bitches love cheese toast
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    The future MSC

    Blurgh I'll pin it then :P
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    The future MSC

    Shared on FB for more interest
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    The future MSC

    Not everything has to be implemented immediately
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    The future MSC

    Could be subbed by the members, plus would encourage extra business
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    The future MSC

    Discounts on members parts: Such as andy's coilies Noddies stuff Franks stuff etc etc More communication with potential part sellers for discounts. Companies like Wiechers/FK tuning art Matt Humphies parts - might be hard Local area mechanics/welders/mappers/engineers thread for members -...
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    new f/s thread

    Tempted by the brakes and fpr, where you located bud?
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    Member's eBay Finds

    Should have just listed that micra as iron oxide k11
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    TOST - The Official Spam Thread

    The volume is wayyy lower than before, still prefer the sound of 2014 though, sounds futuristic and you can hear when they lock up/snap oversteer. Something that would have been impossible last year. Sound energy blaring from the exhaust could be better used to energise the crankshaft. Or...
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    Lowering by cutting the springs

    Just been on the phone to Bernie Eccelstone, and good news guys. 45 years of aerodynamic/chassis development has been in vain. What they need to do is get rid of the aero, and cut the springs, that'll shave 30 seconds a lap and run 80mpg
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    My long promised blog

    WOW such carbon! Much cool! Many stickers!
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    K11 Micra (First Car)

    Apparently the mileage can be changed, or just swap the clocks over on the day for the MOT.
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    F/S: Plenty! Come have a look.

    @sular, you dead mon?
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    F/S: Plenty! Come have a look.