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    Agent_Sm1ths Activ

    Thanks for the radiator guide, did a swap the other day and all went well. The old radiator was rotten top and bottom.
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    K11 Original Alloys

    Maybe I can't post images? They did work in the preview. Haynes: Image: K11 ziel.jpg Photo...
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    K11 Original Alloys

    Looking for some original K11 alloys. Is there a definitive list of the available wheels somewhere? Anyone know what the below alloys are? As Haynes: Image: Photo: Thanks, Simon
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    Remove and Replace K11 Door

    Hi, After picking up a nasty gouge in the rear left door on my 5 door 02 reg K11 micra I'm looking to pick up a replacement from a breakers yard and replace. I can get the right colour door with all the glass and correct trim etc. in place so I'm hoping for a straight swap. Even if the paint is...