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    converting manual wing mirror to electric mirrors

    I can see this topic is really old. Not sure if anyone is still interested in 2022, but I thought I would share my own experience. I have the most standard version of the k12 micra, 2005 visia fit model, no ac, no front foglights, no keyless, no heated seats, and I could go on for a long time...
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    Micra K12 Xenons

    Last year I bought a pair of almost scrap headlight, from a right hand drive car (I live in Hungary, and you can't use rhd lamps here... so it was very cheap). The lamps were oxidised beyond imaginaition, but the "glass" part was not broken nor scratched harshly, so I bought them for around...
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    Indicator housing "conversion"

    Mika the Finn.... hmmm interesting I have seen that name somewhere:confused: but where??... oh now I know!! In my "Ideas for micra indicators" folder:p;) Good job buddy with this conversion! This looks pretty neat, and for the unlearnt eyes it could look stock too! I will most definiately...
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    Indicator housing "conversion"

    The other day I wanted to change the indicators lens color from orange to clear on my 2005 k12. They looked the same, the bolt holes seemed to be at the same place, and the website said that it was for 2003-2006 micras. So I ordered two clear ones. :( Sadly I had to realise that these would not...