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    Photoshops Lets see 'em

    anyone good on photoshop can you contact me. Well in designing stuff anyway. I've got a project for a course i'm doing where we have to create a company, advertise a vacancy for it, shortlist then interview some students as a group task. I have got the task of advertising it but would like...
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    recommend me a good laptop?!?!

    the 1 i told u was cheaper and same if not better one listens to me :(
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    anybody here into cycling?

    I did the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride back in July. Took like 7 hrs as i did no training, rode a mountain bike with all around tyres and had dodgy gears meaning i had to flick up 2 and down 1 to go up 1 gear and then down 2 and up one to go down 1 gear lol... apart from that it was an...
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    K11 not 56K

    some sweet K11's right there!
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    recommend me a good laptop?!?!

    fans on the back of the acer btw ;)
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    recommend me a good laptop?!?!

    Theres a decent ACER laptop being advertised at PCworld and Currys. Just bought one yesterday. £380 4GB Ram 2.1GHz 15.6 HD LCD screen 320GB HD DVD Multilayer Writer ATI RAdeon HD 3200 Graphics HDMI Output Built in webcam i thought it was a decent machine for a good price anyways :)...
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    recommend me a good laptop?!?!

    that ebuyer laptop is a beast!!!
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    The greatest video of all time, true ninja

    True martial artist showing amazing restrant not volleying the guys head into the crowd! Shame the scally didn't have the balls to get back up, would of been fun to watch him hit the desk again and again and again. Could he of exited in a more pityful manner? I think not, at least his mate shut...
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    All new Nissan Micra

    Looks like an Aygo...which can't be good!...they should bulk up the Micra like the Mini, not shrink it into oblivion!!!
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    Sportex back box?

    i had a sportex backbox on my old rover, its direct fit and has a nice subtle tone. None of this chavvy roar of a 1 litre corsa. Product is still on the car as far as im aware and looks the nuts 3 years later :) They will also provide free stickers if you email them! Just incase you like a...
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    Nissan Primera 02-06

    A serious post in here for once! Shocker i know! After selling the 160SR due to my GF having a baby and us driving her lil K11 bless Betsy! Our child has arrived (Tyler James - 18/09/09 - 6lb 11oz) and we are now in the market for a "family" car. I have looked about the usual suspects...
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    MY car... Sorry not the micra

    Hmmm..sceptical...2 different houses in the piccys! nice motors though, whoever they are
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    H from Steps Has Died...

    love it!!
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    Ebay Fail Help needed

    there is a resolution policy if you go into help. If you bought through paypal you are defo covered. You clearly have a case as the item is drastically different from what was advertised. If you tell them you are going to launch a resolution case against them, they may be forthcoming with a...
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    What car?

    ^^Agreed! all seems good now, things change. I got the 160SR then 2 months later we found out my GF was pregnant and couldn't afford the finance, house and baby all at once so its worth you need such a debt over your head