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    Richardwbb's 1993 Super S LHD sleeper.

    Yeah Ithisham. I'm still not convinced what I want with my car because I want to make it fuel efficient first. For the AliExpress MAF I gotten at first it ran about 5 mpg better but for a real short time. Not even enough to make up for the cost. Then my fuel meter started falling so hard it got...
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    Engine Light in 1.4 K11 2000

    W What software was that, may I ask?
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    1.4t advice

    I wonder, did the problem occur straight away or developed?
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    The fuel pressure

    I've put in an Ga16DE and didn't bother about the fuel pump. Now I wonder, is there a difference for Cg13DE and Ga16DE required fuel pressure? Drives good, just doesn't tell me everything.
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    A nice picture for the timing marks of the Cg13DE crank pulley?

    I just adjusted a Cg13DE. It was not very easy to find the idle screw but the large flat screw driver fitted nicely. Then the timing. I do own Nissan manuals but for k11, I wish there was a paper version. On the other hand, I think I know the scheme but k11 manual said adjust idle. Put timing...
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    which plugs are which?

    While the above is true, I throw in my cables and shafts en let them hang loose. Then the lowest on the distributer (the one that is the hardest to reach) will be 3 and 4. I usually put those in first then 2 and 1. Fix the shafts on to the spark plugs, start the engine, not running well no harm...
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    The £80 Micra

    Loud noise at WOT is great, daily driving should be nicely humming like hey there I'm fast! I find. But the injectors won't hold up with the ITB's and now a ecu remap has been chosen but the injectors need to be different? Is this sound or is it just me?
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    Richardwbb's 1993 Super S LHD sleeper.

    Here is a video I had to cut to make it interesting, a bit late but look, it screams!
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    The £80 Micra

    Are you already aware where the bottleneck should be? Not to spoil your fun this will be a good go for the Micra you have but swapping injectors if needed after receiving a ecu performance box, isn't that a possible that this will act different or needs another adjustable fpr setting? Who will...
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    The £80 Micra

    From dyno I learned that there are different sizes. So a dyno that can take the latest Porsche or Hemi powered muscle car is a tad too big for a Micra. Another thing is that the dyno itself has to be maintained by the owner and it needs to be calibrated once in a while to be sure the result is...
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    Cg13 coil on plug conversion, easy or not so easy to pull off?

    Any ignition that will be stronger is good for me. Works better on a Sr20 though but my Ga16 can do better I'm sure. The thing is, how I going to delete the distributor and maybe in the end it is not going to be worthwile for me and I already learned my air intake can be better but the cams lack...
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    The £80 Micra

    By re-reading I can tell the right lobe is quite longer, I think I understand now what frank pointed out, there is some loss in the compression low end becase the valves can not be ideally closed but will have to keep up with the revs, correct me if I am wrong.
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    The £80 Micra

    I'm not sure I follow your cam comparison but under the bonnet = :)
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    k11 only are there obd2?

    Someone told me in 1996 a European car comes obd2 equiped, then I read somewhere, European car support obd2 after 2004 year. Since I like to read engines with Datascan, I would like to learn if someday I will meet someone with a k11 too and find out the connector doesn't fit and I want to avoid...
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    Cg13 coil on plug conversion, easy or not so easy to pull off?

    Doe some one run coil on plug on a Cg13 engine? If not, is it possible? I ask this because I since a short time have learned that the most spark energy is being lost at the rotor onto the cap, no matter how new those two parts are it stays significant.