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    K11 Interest

    Changed my mind haha not going down the modified route just going cheap and cheerful :)
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    K11 Interest

    Yeah i saw that one, we shall see how the next few months goes and see what i can pull in time for JAE
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    K11 Interest

    Thats kind of you to offer but i dont want to ruin a good car lol Will probably just get an old deathtrap on ebay and make it worse hahaha I know the culture here is build it dont buy it kinda thing but i just want to have some fun before petrol disappears for good!
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    K11 Interest

    Hello All! Firstly if this post is in the wrong place please let me know! I am looking to get myself a K11 in time for JAE this year, so I'm just putting the feelers out to see what is out there. I have been looking on eBay and there are a couple of standard ones for a couple of hundred quid...
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    Hello All

    Hello all! I have finally made it to the forum and can't wait to get my hands on a K11 in time for JAE 2021. I also look forward to attempting conversation with you all gahahaa
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    K11 Turbo Project

    Good to know you can turbo the 1.0! I am looking to get a micra for a bit of fun and in time for JAE this year. Putting a tubby on was one of the items on my list! PM me the details if you want to sell as I would be interested. Would it be sold running?
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    JAE 2021 - All the info you need!

    Looking forward to this :D Fingers crossed for my micra purchase!