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    North American PAO owners

    If you want more details or pictures let me know. I am also selling my Figaro for around $17k
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    North American PAO owners

    I’d sell my rag top 5 speed located in Georgia for around $10.5k
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    K10 idle drops very low with AC on

    K10 Nissan Pao what sensor raises idle when you turn on the A/C so it doesn’t die and how do you check if it is functioning? The carb and all switches in the carb are new from Nissan
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    Improving handling qualities

    Big Jas, Can you give a website or email for those coilovers? I have a '90 Pao and a '91 Figaro that need help from a squishy ride. I an also trying to find vent window seals if anyone has any suggestions.
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    Pao parts.

    I am looking for vent window rubber seals and door seals for my 1991 Pao - is there a dealer or aftermarket source? I am in The United States of American so I would need someone who ships internationally.
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    Window seals- where to source replacements?

    I am in the United States of America - any why you can get me a website or email address to order vent window seals and door seals
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    North American PAO owners

    I am Robert, Marietta, Georgia 1990 Nissan Pao, VIN: PK1007182, aqua gray, manual, canvas roof, fog lights w/bar - bone stock with 36,889 km. I also have a 1991 Nissan Figaro, auto 36,660 km bone stock too