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    Brake pedal noise?

    pollyp is a sort of expert on the ABS .hope he answers here.
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    also the rubbers hanging up the back box can be adjusted higher with heavy duty cable ties
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    If you can manipulate the the backbox hangers. ..yes
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    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    Don't give up on this one !!! we are all with you.
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    Nissan security indicator

    Try pulling key out very slowly. then if the litul led is still flashing it's probably a security measure :)
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    Nissan security indicator

    when you take the key out do you quickly pull it or slowly ?
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    Engine hesitates, sometimes cuts out

    clean the mass air flow meter wire too with carburettor cleaner. Some recommend electrical contact cleaner.
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    90s Nostalgia

    i liked the 90's saddam was around so we never heard of isis 90's was ok but i feel 80's was much better .reason being I had no aspartame in my cheddar :)
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    Fuel filter pipe

    wrap masking tape around it then pliers or mole grips. twist whilst pulling.
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    Wheel centre caps Micra K11

    14 inch frankspeed skillas they are. any nice touch up would look nice on steels though. or just get the full sized silver wheel covers cheaper than these Nissan central caps.
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    Wheel centre caps Micra K11

    wire brush on a drill. tidy up the shteels and paint em gloss black or white 99p shop classicals collection
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    east side the most West side the most north side and south side all of the mostest so james's is not moist he gots the rights to go and boast this. :)
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    aah got it. It is under fifty shades of KH3. .what ? is that a hint or something hahaahaha
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    where can i find and apply the infamous dark theme ?
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    pollyp talk so much that time the mc dougals was gonna employ us a night staff hahahahahhahaa. and poor mum was in the pollymobile all that time.shout out "HI MOM" !!!!