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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    nice as usual ! that peugeot thing can't you just throw it all in the bin ? :)
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    My Micra k11 1.3 l

    good saving this car. is it the sr model, noticed the previous wheels
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    My white 96 preface lift

    nice motor. 2 doors seem better than 4
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    My K11 1.3 Micra Twister

    lovely car. 4 doors seem better than 2
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    Fuel door won't open

    and these ones pop open if you lever near the lock. With a non scratchy object of course
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    Heavily Misted Windows inside - Any Ideas/Settings to sort?

    You use fresh air setting not recirculate in winter
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    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    that the hotter saab thermostat again ?
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    Micra 2000 k11 won't engage 5th gear, any ideas?

    That's it try the simpler things first. tighten cable
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    K11 wont start after cutting out

    check ignition switch before that one
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    Made Spare Parts??

    a aah yes Croydon area, you got sleeperss in your area. You want to contact him ?
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    What you reckon 16v is like v12 backwards ? you could be onto something here
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    HELP - Dodgy idle

    2. throttle position sensor within specification 3. throttle body air flow sensor wire. clean with carburettor cleaner
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    Almera gti fuel pump into k11 step by step

    i would guess so as the fuel pressure regulater is regulating the regulations.but wait for more replys. miss this azzydot though he was a real regulator of getting hands on