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    Anyone in Leicester????

    Be so kind to check out the condition of a car I've seen advertised? Many thanks Jay
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    Quiet forum .....:(

    I might be back soon, looking for another car for me and the mrs :)
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    Urgent airbag help!!!

    Cheers for the replies, I'll pass on the advice if he hasn't already sorted it! :)
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    Urgent airbag help!!!

    Hey, just wondered if anybody knew a way to switch off the passenger airbag in an '03 K12. Have a friend who needs to disable it so they can carry their child in the front passenger seat.... Any help much appreciated as she is only around for another couple of hours Thanks in advance Jay
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    Micras in the snow..

    Don't drive a Micra anymore but thought I'd share a few pics of my Celica this morning!
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    HoodedReapers K11 on CCUK

    hope so, I signed up yesterday just waiting for them to give me access to the forums so i can check it out! :)
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    HoodedReapers K11 on CCUK

    This came up in a thread on Celica Forums, Guy from near here has apparantly set up a blog on Cruise Derby with a mods thread on this K11, identical to Hooded Reapers?? Reckon this guy is stealing credit for all his hard work...
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    Micra SR with all break disc, PAS and ABS!!

    This is a steal, actually just started looking for another micra for my partner, if I had any cash now I would snap this up :(
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    HK11 CG13DE vs K11 CG13DE

    not always the case, my UK celica has about 30-40 more horses than the equivalent JAP spec one!
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    SR20DET projects.....

    After not visiting the MSC for a while due to me now owning a Celica i wondered how many if any of the 2.0 SR20DET projects are still around or have been completed? In a few months a lad i know is going to do this conversion with the 4WD system too on a K11, can't wait for him to get it...
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    Grab a bargain!!!!!

    10 mins left here..... Micra Bargain
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    Sky Insurance

    im gonna be getting copies of every phone call i made to them
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    Sky Insurance

    I have the mod and already declared it before i took the policy out, and they are claiming it wasn't. Which leads to the question, how the hell did they know i had the induction kit if i didnt tell them beforehand?
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    Sky Insurance

    Okay so been using Sky Insurance for about 3 years now, only this year they are royally screwing me over! All mods mentioned before i took the policy out as there are only 3 and are difficult to forget, now 2 months into the policy i receive a letter saying that i owe them £35 for the induction...