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    Headlight bulbs - recommendation

    Unfortunately I sold the car back in November. The lights were ridiculously bright - great as I was using the car in 12 Car Rallies, but never got pulled and no melting as they have fans in the units.
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    Humphris Rallysport price list

    I know a lot of people have been asking about prices and what stuff Humphris Oxford/Humphris Rallysport do, so thought I would post up the price list Chris sent me back in January. If this is posted in the wrong place, please feel free to move it.
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    Question: Running 13x7 wheels

    Right, I’m currently running 15’s and want to drop to 13x7 Ultralites. I’m using the car as a daily but also on 12 car rallies. I’ve installed KYB shocks and Direnza 35mm lowering springs - I’m aware this is still going to have massive arch gap. Am I going to have to cut the springs, and will...
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    Nissan micra 1.0 rally car build

    What motor club you with? Uprate suspension (KYB dampers, and some decent springs will do), replace wheel bearings. Get it on a ramp and see what rubbers are deteriorating. Replace things like tie rod ends, bushes, discs, pads, ensure handbrake is decent, get some decent headlight bulbs...
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    Front wheel bearings

    I’ve got to do mine, I’ve got Firstline which are a half decent brand. To be honest, you’ll probably find that the bearings are all made in the same factory, just put in different boxes with different part numbers.
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    Headlight bulbs - recommendation

    These are the ones I got; The ones I got sent were the NovSight H4's. Will try and get some pictures up tonight. They do...
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    Headlight bulbs - recommendation

    Been wanting to upgrade my headlight bulbs since I bought the car, and the other day one blew so the perfect excuse to upgrade. Bought these and they are insane. 2 minutes to install, and the output is amazing...
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    Pies Club1000 build

    It handles really well, can really chuck it into corners and roundabouts. No real updates, I have acquired a kevlar Motorpoint seat for the passenger, and fingers crossed, end of the month I will be buying my drivers seat, and possibly a decent steering wheel too. Also been looking at dreaming...
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    Pies Club1000 build

    So, done a little more to the car. The brakes, or lack of, were scary to say the least, so fitted apex discs and pads up front and now when I press the pedal I actually start slowing, which is nice. Also had to do something about the boat like handling as I was getting seasick on the way to...
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    Pies Club1000 build

    Done a few little things to the micra. Bought some wheels and fitted them, however one of the tyres is knackered so need to replace that. Annoying as I was told the tyres were in “good condition”. Filled the sunroof gap with sealant to stop it from leaking. Also fitted a Pulsar GTiR short...
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    Pies Club1000 build

    Any links on a “how to” on moving the drain to the rear vents? I’m half tempted to do away with the thing completely, especially as I’m looking to ditch any unnecessary weight.
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    Pies Club1000 build

    Hello all. New member here. Recently purchased a very clean 2000 1.0 Micra with 88k on the clocks to turn into a 1.0 racer machines for Club1000. Will be posting updates and asking questions as this journey unfolds, but general mode will be wheels, exhaust, suspension and throttle bodies...
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    Which wheels im having a wheelie big crysis

    Deep dish minilites with gold centres