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    Brake light wiring issue k11 facelift

    As stated already change bulb first. You could also possibly try swapping the bulb holders?
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    Franken-Mikey Build

    I'm using amax -30mm front and rear on standard shocks they made a huge difference to handling and were super cheap (£40 from euro car parts). If you want decent handling I wouldn't bother with cheap coilovers
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    Light Stalk - Interchangeable Pre/Post Facelift?

    Chances are one or both have melted. Replace with some ceramic ones
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    Thanks (y)
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    No I havent. Do you a have a link?
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    So I've started on smoothing the front bumper. I filled all the detail lines with plastic weld. I cut out the grille bars and the number plate recess then flipped it and plastic welded it flush. Got a lot of tidying and plastic welding to do but should hopefully look good when its finished
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    Ryan's Micra Blog

    It looks like we probably have the same suspension set up. I found they seemed to take a while to settle. About 3-4 weeks
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    Theres a pcv valve in the rocker cover which vents pressure from the crankcase. Some people when fitting an induction kit just git a small filter but there's arguments that this doesn't actually allow the pcv to work correctly as the the air passing through the intake opens and close's the...
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    The Mean Green Track Machine

    That rocker cover is beautiful. Watching this thread with interest
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    So this is the latest. Removed the stickers from the rear window and fitted some new ones Next up I'll be smoothing the front bumper so watch this space
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    Next up some performance mods. Made a custom induction kit with a japspeed oil catch can fitted and did away with the charcoal canister. Also fitted a backbox delete pipe so sounds pretty good. Also fitted some amax 30mm lowering springs and a front splitter from a mk3 golf.
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    So the eagle eyed will notice the front bumper has been sprayed. This was the biggest change along with spraying the wheels and the mirror caps Front End Stripped bumper off sanded down ready for paint Primers paint Custom Grilles fitted Before and After
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    So next I fitted a Rev counter and had to replace my headlamp connectors with ceramic ones as the original's melted. I also fitted some usdm indicator/sidelights by modifing some Honda Civic bulb holders. The first photo was with the flyeye kit and tinted indicator inserts fitted but found they...
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    Parcel Shelf Speakers Bass Rattle? HOW TO FIX!! Dynamat???

    I'd guess the best way would be a sheet of ply cut to the right shape then either screw it direct to the trims either side or fit some kind of foam between the ply and trim