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    Vauxhall Corsa B Coilovers on a Nissan Micra K11

    Micra rear springs with corsa b rear shocks. However this thread is really old now. I've seen alot of people complain they give a really poor ride also the micra top mounts aren't strong enough for the added stress and break after a few months. Better just saving for a proper kit from matt...
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    Induction kits

    I made my own
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    Nice K11 on 35K miles, shame about the high as a kite asking price £1100 in Bristol.

    Bought mine for £300 with only 19.5k on the clock (y)
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    Where to fit reversing sensors?

    Mine had sensors fitted that I removed but this is where they were mounted from factory/dealer new
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    Carbon cannister

    I removed my to fit an oil catch can and made no difference to running
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    Suspension rebuild

    I swapped my stock springs for -30 amax springs made a world of difference. And that's on old shocks so new ones would be even better
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    CGA3DE Decat

    I have a induction kit and straight pipe in place of the back box and it sounds amazing. I'm going to get a nosiemaker and remove the centre silencer though soon
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    Brake light wiring issue k11 facelift

    As stated already change bulb first. You could also possibly try swapping the bulb holders?
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    Franken-Mikey Build

    I'm using amax -30mm front and rear on standard shocks they made a huge difference to handling and were super cheap (£40 from euro car parts). If you want decent handling I wouldn't bother with cheap coilovers
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    Light Stalk - Interchangeable Pre/Post Facelift?

    Chances are one or both have melted. Replace with some ceramic ones
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    Thanks (y)
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    No I havent. Do you a have a link?
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    So I've started on smoothing the front bumper. I filled all the detail lines with plastic weld. I cut out the grille bars and the number plate recess then flipped it and plastic welded it flush. Got a lot of tidying and plastic welding to do but should hopefully look good when its finished
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    Ryan's Micra Blog

    It looks like we probably have the same suspension set up. I found they seemed to take a while to settle. About 3-4 weeks
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    Phil's 'Mighty Micra' blog

    Theres a pcv valve in the rocker cover which vents pressure from the crankcase. Some people when fitting an induction kit just git a small filter but there's arguments that this doesn't actually allow the pcv to work correctly as the the air passing through the intake opens and close's the...