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    K12 1.2 s ignition acc no power

    Hi all, been a very long time since I posted on here. I have bought my girlfriend a k12 1.2 s and when the key is at position number 1 or two the radio or lights Dont come on. The car starts when turned fully. Is this an ignition switch fault? I have read it was a known problem with this era of...
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    Hello Strangers!

    Hi Guys n Girls, Just thought I would say hello and see how your all doing, I only speak to "msc'ers" occasionally on Facebook and I do miss the whole club/forum friendship thing, if I can call it that haha. I still have the Iggy Sport and all is well after its first clutch swap at 80K :/ As...
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    HTC Desire and Original Xbox

    Hi guys, im selling my VGC HTC Desire on ebay here is the link if anyone is interested. Im also selling an original Xbox :) HTC Xbox...
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    Acer Aspire One, 222GB, 1.33GHz Intel Atom, 2GB RAM, Webcam, Wifi, inc charger, 11.6"

    I have this for sale on ebay if anyone is interested, great little netbook
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    JAE - The information thread.

    Guys, Im tempted to come as I missed last year, do you have any tickets left Kev?
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    Beardy Man Gig 18/02/11

    Awesome!! i love Beardy man!
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    Ergotron LCD mount (clamp onto desk)

    Hi Everybody Im selling my Ergotron single LCD swing arm on ebay if anyone is interested
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    merry christmas

    Merry Christmas Micra drivers and non Micra Drivers :) hope everyone has a good day
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    This is what i missed JAE for...

    Yea its pretty sweet, ive had 5 cars on the drive with room to spare ! With it being in a close its nice n quiet also. Next door neighbours house is raised but works out the same hight :D I may have done..... :P
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    This is what i missed JAE for...

    Just started to decorate and make it my home, nice big drive for my pride n joy also.
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    Bloodhound SSC

    Hi Guys n Girls Just thought i'd let you know that the company I work for (Hampson Industries) will be making a large proportion of the new Bloodhound SSC car and there are some opportunities available for you can have your name on the actual fin of the car...
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    JAE 2010 Report, post your comments and pics here!

    Looks like the stand was a bit out of the way! Glad you kept the Geese happy in the last picture!
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    JAE 2010 Report, post your comments and pics here!

    Sorry i couldn't make it also, but i WILL be there next year, i hopefully wont be buying another house this time next year! James you seam to have a rat on your face, do you need help getting rid of it :P Looking forward to the pictures :) OMG im glad i didnt marinade my burger in this...
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    JAE camping Ticket - Including 3 BBQ's £25

    OHHHHHHHH ma gawd I cannot promise anything guys....i need to check finances as i am buying a hooouse !
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    JAE camping Ticket - Including 3 BBQ's £25

    no one want this ?