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    Car Security Tips needed

    Reinforce the door so they can't bend it back. Slide some heavy steel rod into the door and weld it in place
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    Car Security Tips needed

    Get a half decent alarm. I have a Sniper alarm with a shock sensor, cost £22 delivered from eBay. If the door gets touched the alarm goes off. Criminals run before they even get into the car. I modded it so you can't start the car if you cut the power supply to the alarm. To get to it you have...
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    cheap mods

    It's hard to tell with your dodgy accent but I'm pretty sure you just said something stupid. Not informing your insurance company is illegal and voids your insurance.
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    jdm stickers on german cars

    This is becoming a popular thing. On clubpolo a l;ad was asking how to JDM his polo. Clearly they bought german and realised their mistake.
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    heater resistor cards on ebay WTF!

    I scratched off the rusty bit with a knife and put a blob of solder on, job done.
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    Blog of the China Blue.

    Sticky thermostat where it's been sat too long I'd guess
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    Wheel nut thread

    yup, tis 1.25
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    Why it's wrong and illegal to not insure your car properly

    It's worse that that, you have to pay more to insure modifications but if you read the small print they won't repair mods, they will just replace with standard parts in the event of a claim.
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    Why it's wrong and illegal to not insure your car properly

    I've insured my car with 'exterior decorative changes' this covers me for everything I do with colour coding, stickers, bonnet scoops etc etc. So yeah, I have insured my stickers, you should do the same, it would suck if they didn't pay out because of a sticker.
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    Why it's wrong and illegal to not insure your car properly

    I am trying not to make it personal but while you're driving around on the same roads my friends and family drive/walk on it is personal. If you injured someone and your insurance wouldn't pay out it could get quite upsetting for everyone involved. And if you know that and still choose to do it...
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    Why it's wrong and illegal to not insure your car properly

    Cost of declaring my mods: £35 a year Cost of not declaring mods: What is it a 10 grand fine for now insurance these days? If I had an accident and someone is injured requiring on going treatment, that cost could run into the millions. You drive a micra so I guess you don't have millions. I...
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    Help with VINYL and My Dash

    A white dash will reflect really badly off your windows and you won't be able to see where you are going, it's why they are dark colours as standard. Put some white paper on your dash in front of you and drive about in various lighting conditions and you'll see what I mean.
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    Oil Catch Can

    I had one on the marbella but got fed up having to empty it twice a week. I had breather to tank to mini filter. I started using an old coke bottle and a bit of hose pipe but upgraded to an alloy drinks bottle.
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    k11 micra

    There are ways to disable it, the experts will be along shortly offering the right advice.
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    k11 micra

    It's your immobiliser