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    crashed :@

    If its a K11, you can find everything you need in a scrap yard. Being a 1.3 SR make sure you get the drive shaft of a pre 98 1.3 or any drive shaft after 1998. as the pre 98 1 litre drive shafts will be useless on your car!
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    Mighty mods season Finale, the ultimate mod guide!

    Fantastic mate. You really are a genius!!! It was nice to see my 10 bucks I donated went to good use! I may have to copy some of those onto my ford orion.........or maybe not!!!
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    Onion Turbo Blog

    In the Ford world, the Orion is commonly referred to as The Onion. not a typo :-p Thanks for the comment too :-)
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    Onion Turbo Blog

    She lives Blog/?action=view&current=Video035.flv
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    Having a crisis (and not a 'Top Gear' crisis either lol)

    The Primera GT is a quality car, get one!! Insurance isn't bad, I'm 24 with one, and insured fully comp, all mods declared, with Adrian Flux for about £550. Very good car, reliable and comfortable, getting about 36-38 MPG out of it too, which isn't too bad for a big powerful car.
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    Fastest 1/4 mile N/A k11?

    Best of luck Paul.
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    Hey guys, please help with my mods gone wrong.....(Joke)

    Did you use builders sand or play sand? Builders sand with it being slightly rougher will smooth those ports nicely. Play sand is a bit safer as it'll flow through the valves nicely
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    Bet shipping won't be too good though!!
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    TD04 Turbo Manifold

    It's hard to say what it's worth. It's worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it!
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    Fuel Pump Relay?

    I guess you know this quite well after all your problems......
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    ECU Tuning for the SR160

    Rip it all out. Fit something aftermarket like Omex ECU, if you're serious speak to our resident tuning Guru Ed. But it doesn't come cheap, you're looking at at least a grand for ECU, loom, fitting, mapping etc!!
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    Onion Turbo Blog

    Fel-pro head gasket Fitted: Engine bay complete Bailey DV24 dump valve Rocker Cover and Charge Carrier: Rocker Cover close up Comments welcome!!
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    4x114.3 is the same as a primera, check out on NPOC what the guys might have for sale alloy wheel wise.
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    KEI Force 10 alloys 15"

    I'm sure they will fit a K12, i'm sure the PCD is 4x100, same as a K10 and K11.
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    help please

    IIRC the pulsar comes as standard with a T28 turbo, from my very slim knowledge of turbos, the t2x range uses the same turbo flange, IE a t28 uses the same flange as a t2 and a t25. Although don't take that as gospel.