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    regarding my 1988 gsx k10 and some super s dials

    *bump* can any one shed any light on this?
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    Member's eBay Finds

    hey guys, found a great looking k10 for sale on ebay with lots of rare parts included in the sale, looks awesome check it out :) ebay number 130802824873
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    body kits

    hello, noticed you were after a body kit, just thought I'd mention theirs a custom k10 body kit on ebay @ the moment - buy it now for 250 and bidding starts at 70 - so far no bidders, check it out you might like it. :)
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    K10 parts for sale

    hello buddy did you get my pm? can i buy this radiator from you please
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    K10 parts for sale

    ok can i please buy that from you then
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    K10 parts for sale

    hey buddy, i need a new rad. my cars a 1.0 though? will this fit a 1.0 or is their a difference from the 1.2 one? let me know
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    regarding my 1988 gsx k10 and some super s dials

    hey guys, sorry to bother you, looking for some advice, I have a 1988 prefacelift gsx k10 and I recently purchased a set of super s dials because I would love to have the rev counter on my car, are these dials compatible with my car? any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, cheers :)
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    question about the prefacelift k10 bonnet

    hey guys, just a quick question, I have a preface lift k10, would I have any issue's fitting a k10 super turbo hood in replacement of the original hood, or is it a slightly different shape? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. cheers :)
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    k10 bits and others

    hey buddy, got the body kit and clocks you sold me delivered today as promised, top chap :) thanks for everything, it was a pleasure doing business with you :)
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    JDM HKS Hi-Power SILENT Exhaust for sale

    is this k10 or k11?
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    k10 bits and others

    hey buddy, please can i buy the super s arches and skirts, the front bumper, rear bumper super s spoiler and the super s tacho please. I can pay for these items immediately, and I appreciate you might not sell the rear bumper unless the the car is written off. sorry to hear you had the accident :(
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    13 x 7 et 6 4 x 100 ultralites

    hey buddy, would these fit a k10? if so i'll buy em
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    K10 bundle bargain

    hey guys, had a really good response so far, thankyou for the intrest, I will be sending out some p.m's this afternoon as im weighing up who's offer to take, also I will have some picture's on here for you all to see by tommorow at the latest. :) thanks again
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    K10 bundle bargain

    make me a offer mate