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    1999 "T" Yellow 1.3 K11

    Long time no post :) I'm selling this Yellow 1999 T Reg K11 "Inspiration" on behalf of my brother 5 owners from new, 3 of which have been in my family (my mum, me and my brother) Part service history (has been serviced ourselves since we've had it) 10 Months M.O.T. 10 Months Tax...
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    1.0 to 1.3 conversion. whats needed

    or just do the 1.6 converstion or buy a 1.3?
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    Help on fog lights

    Oh dear lol Sorry to hijack your thread, but does anybody have the part number for this particular type of foglight as I want some for my facelift :D or the number for the whole kit
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    M.O.T. today!

    and I passed first time whoop whoop!! just 1 advisory, discoloured indicator bulb. Was well chuffed!!!
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    Removing air conditioning unit >> How?

    So which bits do I need to remove exactly? without sounding like an idiot!? I see the radiator grill at the front and the motor below the alternator.. is there anything else I need to remove?
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    Removing air conditioning unit >> How?

    I'm going to be removing the air-con from my K11 at some point over the next few months (poss september) Just wanted to know if it was an easy job? What needs to be removed? and what needs to be relocated? (i.e alternator, anything else?) CHeers Lee
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    Help me-my seat belt has just given way!

    How much was your seatbelt from Nissan?? I had an "accident" where I accidently cut part of my seatbelt off (don't ask!!) so need one asap
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    Lowering and Wheel Spacers..

    I also wanted to know about spacers in the rear?? Going -35mm with 14" Nissan OEM Alloys
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    FOR SALE: Side Skirts (from Neil's old SR)

    That's fine Wilsonian :) do you know a rough date as to when you can meet to collect as I need to know for work :)
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    FOR SALE: Side Skirts (from Neil's old SR)

    If Wilsonian doesn't want them then yeah sure. I'm working on a re-fit at Belgrave Road Sainsbury's (north leics?) next saturday-wednesday if you know where that is, so could meet there
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    FOR SALE: Side Skirts (from Neil's old SR)

    Sorry! I didn't have the net for a while then totally forgot about this post!!! Who did I say I was selling them to again?!
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    P-reg K11 1.3 SR for sale

    wish you posted this a week ago! I would have had it, as I wanted it when you first bought it, but have just bought a new K11! You got it from Autotrader, right? You live up Ashbourne Road way?
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    whats the biggest site wheels i can have on a lowered micra?

    I had 16's with -35mm on my last K11 with no problems :S :S lol but I'd stick with 14/15's mate, specially on a 1 litre LOL
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    Bumpers! Help Wanted

    Think it's been sold twice now.. so not still for sale! The reason it has 3 alloys is because it's had a crash.. not because one "got robbed". I knew the lad who had it and it had had a front smash before he sold it.
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    Electric window Request

    I don't think you're gonna find any "kits" that will cover the points you've mentioned. Only way you're gonna cover those points is taking door cards/handles/motors from a salvaged K11