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    Nismo K13

    that was a while ago lol b4 the nismo indicators were fitted
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    Nismo K13

    i got it some time ago from a lad on here its on my facebook lol add me andy hornyak it will be on one of my profile pics next to jim blings old micra lol only the bumpers in that pic tho . i then repaired it and sold it to a lad on here :O) after i caught the bumper on a curb:blues:
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    Nismo K13

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    guess what

    i have been inside one about a week ago :O)interior is a bit better than the k12 still not as good as the k11 lol it wasnt driven just sat out side nissan main reception lol!in green with lexus lights and aloys :p(Y)(Y)(Y)
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    K12 cold ingine problem

    if you didn't receive a history sounds like it hasn't been serviced very well?
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    Changing Time In Micra!

    right what you need to do is press the button in on the left for a couple of seconds till the time flashes then change it by pressing the button like a digital watch :oS :D hope that helps :D
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    New 160sr

    you didnt need to spend that much on your wiper linkage!!!!all it needed was a washer welding on the end of it !!!! but i suppose nissan would say that! i hate nissan dealers!!!!
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    Cambelt or chain?

    lol!!!!! made me laugh
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    ive seen the k13!

    i knew that its got to be because it prob will have three/ten cats lol
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    ive seen the k13!

    so they are not doing a turbo k13 as first thought but its super charged !lol this has got to be a modders dream!!!!!! but sahme pfff lol and the pic on the left my avatar isnt far off ehh?
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    ive seen the k13!

    March 2010 Make way for the new Micra! Nissan’s all-new supermini took a bow in Geneva amid news that the car will come with a choice of two hyper-efficient petrol engines, and no diesels. Scheduled to launch in the UK in October for less than £10,000, the Micra will initially be powered by a...
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    ive seen the k13!

    these pics are pretty big :D and yeah i agree looks good better than the k12!
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    ive seen the k13!

    it looks a lot better!! but has pretty much the same front different head lights not as bulky. i will try and get a pic of the pic at work!!! it has been shown at a car show but cant remember what one? lol:laugh:
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    need advice for air filter and cold air feed

    if your thrashing it and looking for the mpg that wont work lol
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    philips sidelights bluevision

    twist the back and pull its that easy :D