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    Thought i'd drop by and introduce myself since it's been a while. Hows the group going? I see the K12 scene is still waiting to take off.....My old one is still knocking about if anyone is interested.
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    Member's eBay Finds
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    my micra, the phoenix

    Loose the arches. Get the right offset wheels.
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    SR20 Micra on Ebay

    I'd buy it if I was in the Market for micra...Focus RS mk2 or a k11 Sr20 hmm... Good luck with the sale. Hope who ever buys it changes the colour haha!
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    Micra 53 1.2 S - Converted to Sport

    oh and before anyone asks i havent had the car since 2006 lol
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    Micra 53 1.2 S - Converted to Sport

    pic of it on my car
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    Micra 53 1.2 S - Converted to Sport

    pic of it not on the car
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    Micra 53 1.2 S - Converted to Sport

    i sold him the back box. Dont think he's on here any more and i think the car was sold a while ago.
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    what is jdm?

    i am JDM
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    Calling all North Members (West, Central and East)

    im still knocking around. Age: 25 Car: Focus ST location: Newcastle max travel to meet: dunno depends really Bio: was the first person to import a nismo exhaust system for a K12 oh and i still have K12 Nismo brake pads. Boxed brand new and they arent for sale. JDMpOrN
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    the k12 scene negative post

    well i actually sold it and bought a fiesta st then a focus st but i still have a standard k12 lol.
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    the k12 scene negative post

    when i left the MSC back in 2006 the K12 scene was growing. We had some nice cars. BMX_Bandit, Rik was still around....sorry i cant remember the rest! Anyway back then we we're at the forefront of K12 tuning. we we're dedicated to it. we used our brains to search for the weird and wonderful JDM...
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    pics of the k13

    I'm disappointed by nissan. the K13 or W02A is c***. I won't be returning to the Micra brand any time soon. Shame as i was looking forward to building a full Nismo K13.
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    new micra seen on test track !!! offical patent images. It wont be a good looking car...
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    Personalised Reg Plate Prices?

    mine ends in BLK but my car is blue...but my name is black lol