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  • dont u worry i have t-cutted it all brought it back to its new self and ill wash and polish it saturday so its as fresh as possible just a quick question evan though i have a white and black car do you think that i should put my silver and black seat covers on it or leave the seats as factory
    yeah arnold will be there in his glanza so it looks like there will be pictures being taken
    Will there be pics being taken of the cars for the website coz i would love mine to get a showing
    yeah i suppose brighton has its cons will there be pics being taken of the cars and people wen we are dan there after its finished im to shoot over to eastbourne to visit my old man as he lives there ps i looked on your blog pretty impressive i must say ill see it in the flesh on sunday c u then dan
    well i have had one meet where it was soooo cold and windy that we had to stay inside, there is a photo of us all looking very cold lol, and one where it rained a bit, but if its nice it would make it even better :)
    yeah cant wait to meet you it will be a good day your saying if the weather is good i tell you its always nice down thereas every time ive gone down there with my dad and sis
    yeah mate ill keep my eyes peeled for you have we made our minds up on where we are eating because on the forum it says pizza hut that sounds good to me it should be a good meet i bet its good seeing loads of micra owners together taking over a place like brighton marina im heading to noddies for a cuppa then me him and wgc_daz are making our way down c u 28th danny1.0l (dan)
    ah nice one mate will look forward to meeting the notorious nex ill be in a white k11 number plate N295 TOP c u on the 28th danny1.0l (dan)
    hey nex you know the brighton meet are we meeting on a specific level of the car park and im rolling in with wgc_daz and noddie its gonna be crazy for a first meet and have we decided on where we are eating for definate
    ok m8 thats fine . could u let us no when u no m8 . i never been to one u c . want to meet people . thaks m8 .
    now m8 i want to come to north east meet but dont no where it is or wat time . can u tell us m8 thanks bud reply soon as get day of
    i did yeah, lol! I got back fine thanks! I think the strut brace stiffened the steering up you know - felt very responsive :) Thank you both of you for helping me! :)
    where in bristol do you live i have guy on phone driving instructor wants car for his daughter and he wants to know condition of it lol
    Hi Ralf

    Cheaky question, I brought a crashed rally car micra last week, with it's spares and I will give you 3 chances to guess what I found with the spare body parts. Your old wide arch kit. he said he brought if off ebay for 600.00 pounds, is this right? Did you have a lot of people bidding for it and would you like to buy it back and put back on ebay?

    Or do you feel like me this kit is here to haunt us??

    All the best

    do you want these central locking units and looms then its no problem can have them in the post first thing so you get them friday or saturday.........ken
    Dear Nex,

    I am not sure if you can help but i got an almera Gti and it gone funny.

    It has the factory fitted alarm on it. start from last week the alarm went off everytime i use the remote to open and close door and every time i start and stop the engine. It just went off for a couple second everytime. kind of bit annoy.

    any ideas how to get it fixed?


    Thats weird - on the member list your showing as 'NeX+' ???

    Oh and you still need to update what cars you own ;)
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