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    So I took a leaf out of Paul Li's book and decided I would make something out of nothing lol. walking around work I found a old shelf...
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    Then comes the issue of cutting a hole in my bonnet for my screamer pipe . As to make the whole I put copper grease around the edge of...
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    Made a start on the braking system again today and started to plumb in the bias valve I wasn't sure where I wanted to mount it. I...
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    Time to make a start on the calipers for the rear disks they are in need of some prep work I wire brushed the loose brake dust off and...
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    Next on the agenda was to make a start on relocating the battery to the boot via the main kill switch in the dash I used a split...
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    So after making a start on my new lines I thought it was about time this Micra had some front brakes so after some bust knuckles and...
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    After having several issues with the haltech ECU wiring and it not being so "plug and play" I have the ECU powered up turns out it was...
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    Also made a start on the intercooler piping and mounted the cooler properly As expected hot side is going to be the most challenging...
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    Made a start on the brake lines to run to the rear disks. they need to run through a bias adjuster so I routed the lines in to the cabin...
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    Cheers pal as helpful as ever mate 👍
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    With all this new found time I have full cleaned rebuilt and painted my gti-r calipers and I'm really happy with how they are looking...
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    Just arrived in the last 10 mins are my gtir front brake disks being a larger disk size and also being vented combined with a better...
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    So I have been quiet for a while as UK is in lockdown and I'm not able to travel to the Micra to work on it how ever I have been...