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    Whats your car called and why???

    My first car wos moskvitch 2140 and it wos called bush formula(racer) do its green colour. Micra is called one litre sports coupe, tincan on wheels and other stuff...but mostly it is called bond´s car cause it has plate number 007 ...
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    I have 85 civic rear springs fited under my k10. Thei are stronger then original springs and fit perfectly with stock shoks.
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    4th gear

    Hi. My cluch once broce down and I had to get home and for my luck i could change gear without using the clutch. My first car didn´t hav that.
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    lowering springs fitting question

    Hi I´d like to know how big is the lowering spring coil spiral diameter(wire wich it is made of) original is 9 and 9.5mm. I hope you understand what I mean. I need stifer springs to my k10 if thous lowering springs are thick inaf I would consider of buyng them. Now i have golfII rear springs...
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    How fast can you go 'relatively safe' with k10 1.0?

    145 km/h is my k10 top speed, hapend when I tried to keep up and it wosn`t down hill.
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    K10 ignition coil, and associated problems?

    I took the distributer of and cleaned it a bit and lookt ower som connections and my micra is alive again.
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    K10 ignition coil, and associated problems?

    Wich distributer are you speaking mechanical or electronic. I hav mechanical but it seams fine. Main problem is that spark is gon.
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    K10 ignition coil, and associated problems?

    Ok I just read about your damp problems. But what wos the problem whit the distributer did the shaft moved side to side or something
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    Handling problem

    My K10 has same thing it started vibrat at 120 km/h, ander or ower that speed it stoped and it kame from the side where the longer drive shaft is with this rubber bush which is damaged.
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    K10 ignition coil, and associated problems?

    I have similar problem when it is damp. Some mornings it started really poorly or engin stops on the road sudenli and wont start untill some time later untill today it finally died. The spark is lost some where it some time is and then it isn´t there. I have tried all the tricks to meikit work...
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    Suspension "KIT"

    I vent to the local scrapjard and found honda civic springs wich fited quait well at the back, font springs i`m not so certain.
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    Suspension "KIT"

    Hi i hav a question about springs to, wich other cars springs would fit the K10. The problem is that my K10 springs ar bit wary and i think that in Estonia thei dont sell lowering kits only originals. so have anyone tryed other cars springs l`d like to know.
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    Cant get over 50 mph!

    I changed sparkplugs(bosch 4 elektrods) and distributor and it seams it fixed the problem. Thous sparkplugs are real good stuff.
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    Cant get over 50 mph!

    I vill try thous things. The problem starts when the secondary side opens in the carb, using only the primary side it works well. When I drive I hav to be real careful with throttle ore it starts to skip.
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    Cant get over 50 mph!

    I have olmoust the same problem, I cant get it to high revs, gas pedal goes only alf vei ven the engin starts to stutter. It goes to 4000 rpm and then the engin starts to stutter and loos power.I have cleaned the carb, tried another carb, put it didnt help, I hope somone can help me whit this...