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    Replacement Key - Programming cost

    must admit thats a bit steap!! will do some digging and see whats what!!! tony
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    Mileage advice

    weve done 26k in our '57' plate and it has yet to miss a beat... absolutley faultless!!! ive mo probs buying up 2 100k if im honest tony
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    k12 drivers door!!

    no one know where i can get one ???? :down:
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    MPG for our K12s!

    i joined that 'hyper milers ' to get some hints and tips and went from 320-330miles per tank to 503 miles out of my last tank!!!! thats a '57' plate 1.2 and the most boring drive ive ever had!!!! a bit more 'spirited driving and i get bout 300-330 miles per tank!!! tony
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    k12 drivers door!!

    hi all im in need of a drivers door, '57' plate 3dr k12 preferably in stock red anyone has 1 or knows of 1 please contact me many thanx tony
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    Dci & Nitrous

    i 'wet' 50 shot should be fine through 99% of cars out there, that said if your in any doubt then use a progressive system and this will minimise any extra 'load' through the drive train so yeh by all means tony
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    Recommended Oil?

    agreed.... semi synth.. 10/40 to 10/30 wt
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    how do i remove pass airbag??

    hi all, my first post on here!! ive been trying a few things with our micra now some have proved to be quite benaficial... however.. i need to get at the passenger airbag and was wondering if anyone knew how to get to it... and how difficult it is to remove??? huge thanx tony