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    1.5 DCi Cold Start challenge

    Forgot to ask, what was the condition and colour of the plugs you replaced? Mike
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    1.5 DCi Cold Start challenge

    Had the same error message on my Avensis recently, turned out it was a mixture of a faulty glow plug, loose connector on the glow plug rail and a battery that couldn't maintain crank voltage if it was cold. Would check the last two first as the other options for what are wrong normally get...
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    K11 Super S 1993 *SOLD*

    I'll take it, I need a car for Monday to get to work. Mike
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    My micra - the will not use offensive words on the MSC

    Guys please don't use offensive/swear words on the MSC, will look to get the swear filter updated soon. Mike
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    Scrap, sell or fix?

    Look at it this way, what else is wrong with it and can you afford a new car as well as the risk of its unknown history. If the engine is sound and nothing electrical is faulty then keep it and spend the £100-200 getting it fixed as scrapping it will only get you around £120 when the car is...
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    jdm as I won't avoid the swear filter

    Guys please don't attempt to avoid swear filter
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    Almera Gti alloy with tyre x1

    bump before I throw it in a skip
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    Headight/taillight issue

    That's the one, they are known to melt from underneath with no visible sign when you check from above.
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    Headight/taillight issue

    Is the fusebox ok? Same thing happened on mine when the bottom of the fuse box melted
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    [SOLD] Seat Cupra R front lip spoiler

    Sold and collected
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    Almera Gti alloy with tyre x1

    double it and its yours! Tyre size is 195/50/15 btw
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    [SOLD] Seat Cupra R front lip spoiler

    Sorry guys not really looking to post this as it would be a complete pain in the backside to wrap and find a courier that won't charge a stupid amount to deliver it. If no one locally wants it then I will post it. Pretty certain it is this one but will pop back to the garage tomorrow to...
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    F/s: Mk4 K11 bonnet grills

    New and unfitted chrome grills for a mk4 (01-03) K11, includes bolts as well. £20 collected Mike
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    [SOLD] Seat Cupra R front lip spoiler

    Found an unopened Seat Cupra R front lip spoiler in the garage. £10 to a good home, collection from North London, East Midlands airport or any of the M1 services in between the two. Mike