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    F/S: Flocked Dash

    Anychance you can wrap it or box it up for courier, you would sell it if you could do that.
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    Alot of apparently's in that post mcmicra!! Its certainly no santa pod but its all we have, so quit yer whinging!!
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    Ah that would be awesome, has to be worth 20 quid eh? £50, surely it doesnt cost you that much does it, do you have to pay £10 entry plus £15 to race?? Been at least five years since I was last there.
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    awwww man gutted i thought it would of been snowing at crail, fancy doing me one of those headlamps for the passenger side? gunna go up end of the month, sure you can scrape some cash together for a race stani. or we can race for cash!!
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    Andy_S Micra SR20 - Done Properly

    OMG this is a disaster!!!
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    No quarter time yet mate this will be its first outing. I haven't even driven it yet lol. I refuse to take it out on the road. Just hope a rod doesnt come through the block on the strip......awkward.
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    Look forward to a race mike. You had yours down the strip yet?
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    Crail is on this sunday, if anyones keen for a race and a chat post on here. Weather permitting ofcourse. Mike.
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    Member's eBay Finds

    To be honest i thought kristian was a top bloke, thats just me though.
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    F/S: Gauging Interest-Frankspeed Manifold and hollow first cat

    Lol why'd you #### yourself when it popped a flame lolz
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    Andy_S Micra SR20 - Done Properly

    £1300 insurance???????
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    SR20 Micra

    Seems to not move much in low rpm eh, quite lazy. What did you run at crail?
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    Micra SR20DET 250bhp clutch

    So you bought the red 2002 k11 off gumtree yeah? Ps, you answered your own question
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    Gauging interest: K11 modifications, Coilovers, Nismo parts, Janspeed ect.

    but they dont, thats the issue, remove the temptation to post on outdated threads and problem solved, plus really, who cares!!
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    FOR SALE: Everything needed for a 1.3 turbo bar mapping

    ok im up to speed, what you thinking for the whole car? pm me, might have something of interest for you.